Sullivan You Fucking Piece of Shit: Another Pig Gets Off Easy

Yesterday, National Sheriff’s Association’s 2001 Sheriff of the Year Patrick Sullivan pleaded guilty to charges of felony possession of methamphetamine, and a misdemeanor soliciting prostitution. 69 year old Sullivan will serve 30 days in the jail named after him, and pay a fine of $1,100.

This decision comes less than a month after Timothy Faase, the man who dealt Sullivan the meth, plead guilty and received 3 years in prison, for possession and intent to distribute. Faase’s sentence is closer to the traditional sentencing for charges of this nature, although it’s about 12 times more than ex-pig but still a pig Sullivan’s sentence of just 30 days.

Now on to our mother fucking opinion (this is blog after all) –

Firstly, Faase pretty much had the same drug charges against him that Sullivan did – in fact, both were charged with possession of methamphetamine, but as Faase was charged with ‘intent to distribute’, while Sullivan was originally charged with distribution (since he did after-all distribute meth, while soliciting prostitution). On top of that, Sullivan also was being charged with soliciting prostitution, a misdemeanor. So, while Faase got 3 years for having and selling meth, Sullivan got 30-days for having meth, and ‘trading’ it for sex, or more exactly: for exploiting drug users for their addiction. Furthermore, Faase was only arrested because during the ‘sting’ operation on Sullivan, they followed the dumb-fucking pig to Faase’s (his dealer) house. So even the allocation of resources to these individuals’ investigations aren’t comparable to their cases or sentences. So what’s the difference between the two cases? Why was Sullivan, although charged with even more heinous crimes, let off with only 30 days jail-time? Oh ya, because he’s a fucking pig, and yet again we learn that pigs are above the law. They can murder people day-in and day-out without ANY repercussions, they can rape, steal, beat, harass, and arrest us, but when we want them arrested and charged with crimes that they’re guilty of committing what is the response? Oh ya: Rape=No Time; Murder=No Time; Buying Meth and Exploiting Addicts for Sex=30 Days…

Even more ridiculous, is the fact that this piece of shit was the “Head of Security for Cherry Creek Public Schools” for 6 years! And when asked whether he ever “had sex with a minor” AKA ‘raped a child’, he said that “he could not tell them yes or no because he was under the influence of meth during those encounters”, or in plain terms ‘he didn’t remember cuz he was fucked up on meth’… Colorado Deputy Attorney General Michael Dougherty testified that “he may very well have had sex with underage individuals” (Denver Post). Ummm he may very well have?! Did you fucking investigate it? How about ask the kids from Cherry Creek Public Schools?! On top of that, the pigs who arrested the heinous pig, found ‘suspicious’ nude images of persons who might be minors on Sullivan’s computer, but with no evidence to back it.

Lastly, in order to keep this shorter than my usual rants, I’d like to also highlight the fact noted by the Denver Post that:

“The felony meth charge carried a presumptive sentence of a year in jail and, with aggravating factors, could have meant as much as three years behind bars. But it was ultimately left up to the discretion of the judge.”

So really, this goes to my first point, that Sullivan should have really gotten at least 1-year, if not 3 – but got 3 months in jail. I wish sooo bad that your piece-of-shit pig ass was headed to PRISON for a year, hell even just 3 months… Now WDC does not, in any way,

support prisons in any way, in fact just the opposite. But I could only hope that Sullivan himself would face the life of a 69-year old ex-sheriff locked-up… Having to actually sit with persons who are more sick and fed up with these fucking pigs than anyone, with no control, no gun on his hip? I guess this is just wishful thinking… Anyways, at least he’ll be in jail for 30 days, that’s more than I can say for a lot of pig fucking murderers… It’s better than nothing!


Read more:Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan pleads guilty in meth-for-sex case – The Denver Post
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Kelly Boren, Sharelle Thomas, Ana Ortega and Kristal Carrillo File Suit Against the City of Denver and Officers Nixon and Devine

On July 12, 2009 Officer’s Nixon and Devine brutalized four young women as they were leaving the Denver Diner.  The women were billy clubbed, maced, handcuffed, arrested, and wrongfully prosecuted.  The women, through their attorney’s have filed suit against the officers and the City and County of Denver.  Read the below complaint for the full details of the incident.


Another Reason to say Fuck the police!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denver Pigs Cry Over Mild Accountability: A Reportback From Pig Press Conference 7/5/11

Denver, CO

Yesterday, ex-pigs, wanna-be-pigs, and pig look a-likes banded together to whine and complain to the press about certain po-lice being fired for miscellaneous beatings, murders, assaults, and the general abuse of their supposed authority. About 20-25 retired pigs gathered in the parking lot of South High School, surrounded by various Denver media, Copwatchers, anti-police folk, and fuck-the-policers, in order to voice their concerns over the growing anti-police movement that has taken this city by storm.

Although the 12 brutal fucking pigs that were fired this year are still walking the streets, instead of rotting in prison where any other person would have gone for beating or murdering a person in OUR communities; these pigs still feel its necessary to take steps to ensure that their asses are safe, and that their position of unabashed authority continues to reign on these streets. As a dozen pigs and one Manager of Safety (Malatesta) have been fired over the past year, 7 terminated by the current Manager of Safety, Charlie Garcia, these pigs are claiming that they’re “AFRAID” to do their jobs.

This was the overall message of the pig press conference, a plea to let them have full, uninhibited authority in the streets, freedom to beat, murder, rape, and pillage our communities without reprisal. This was exactly Ex-Police Chief (for 1 year) Jim Collier’s message yesterday, surrounded by the Denver media. Collier claimed that “the best arrests that I ever made [as an officer]… was on my own intuition, something didn’t look right, pat someone down, and here’s a weapon”. Unfortunately the pigs are NOT allowed to simply search a person based on their own ‘intuition’, because ‘something didn’t look right’, and that is exactly why these pigs are whining, they don’t have free authority to do whatever they want, whenever they want. They can’t just shoot, maim, injure, or assault people without the possibility that they MIGHT be fired; so now they’re refusing to do their jobs, setting up an ultimatum – ‘let us do whatever we want, or we won’t do anything’. Collier claimed that he in fact thought that the good people of Denver were “less safe” because of the insecurities of these pigs; when in reality we’re not safe with these pigs on the streets; as these pigs have harassed, beaten, and murdered countless members of our communities for centuries. Collier is also calling for the termination of the Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia; to be replaced no doubt by someone of his (or other similar pigs) choosing, therefore ensuring the ongoing reign of unabashed police violence continues unchecked; this in combination with a plea to Mayor-elect Michael Hancock to take matters into this own hands: basically calling for him to fire the current Manager of Safety Garcia.

Luckily, local Copwatchers, angry citizens, and anti-policers were there to make sure OUR voices were heard as well. The press was distracted, fliers were distributed, and banners were unfurled with slogans like, “Law Enforcement End Your War Against The People”. Although these pigs were hoping only the press and few old retired pigs would show, rest-assured, the pigs won’t just gain unchecked sympathy. If ordinary, peaceful protests can’t go on without interference from the po-lice; then the police won’t have press conferences and rallies without us! FUCK THE POLICE, FUCK COLLIER, AND FUCK GARCIA TOO. You’ll get no sympathy from us mother fuckers…

7 Down and 1193 to Go

Hot Damn.  Charlie Garcia has issued termination papers for Robert Fitzgibbons.  According to the Denver Post, Former Officer Fitzgibbons is being terminated for “failing to obey departmental rules after he used unauthorized military ammunition in a confrontation that left an innocent bystander wounded.”   Apparently, Officer Robert “crazy fool” Fitzgibbons began to open fire with his his .223-caliber Smith & Wesson filled with hollow points outside club vinyl.  The police are claiming that a patron outside the club pointed and fired a weapon at officer Fitzgibbons.  Fitzy returned fire and a hollow point bullet ricocheted and struck an innocent bystander.  The bystander survived the injuries s/he endured as a result of reckless policing.  Of course, DA Mitch Morrissey is not filing criminal charges against Fitzy.  Read his decision here.

Hilariously, this comes 1 day after a group of retired DPD officers held a rally calling for the appointment of a new Manager of Safety.  Gripping pigs.  Keep ’em coming Garcia we are keeping track.  We have several ideas who should be next .

Punk Ass Pigs Griping

A group of retired and current DPD officers, led by Retired Denver Police Chief Jim Collier, have gone on the offensive demanding their right to be able to continue to beat, murder, rape, and lie with out fear of discipline.  The cowardice pigs had a rally this morning.  We will have a full report back from the lackluster rally tomorrow.  One of the groups main issues is for Mayor elect Hancock to appoint a new Manager of Safety.  Basically, they are claiming that officers are unable to do their jobs because they are scared they will be terminated.  The fact that this organization and claims even exist reveals that the problems within this department go way beyond a few bad apples.  They want to protect their right to violate our rights and unless we continue our resistance they will continue to get away with it.

And another one…

Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia has continued his lil crusade against lying cops by terminating another Denver police officer.  Yesterday, Garcia terminated Detective Jay Estrada.  According to the Denver Post,  Garcia terminated Estrada for “mishandling information in the case of a pregnant woman who lost her baby in a hit-and- run accident.”  Apparently, in December 2010, Laurie Gorham Sherlock was crossing the street in her Stapleton neighborhood when she was run over.  Estrada was involved in the investigation and neglected to follow up on a tip he received.  He the lied to Internal Affairs.  Now he has been fired and the  rank-and-file and the union is probably up- in-arms.  Boy do they hate Charlie Garcia.  The infighting is glorious…

Former Detective Jay Estrada

According to our complicated calculations, with Estrada gone, that means 6 down and 1194 to go.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed.  The common thread here is that these officers were caught lying.  Clearly, Garcia does not give a fuck about officers and/or deputies that kill people, such as Sgt. Carrie Rodriguez and deputies James Grimes, Faun Gomez, Kenneth Robinette and Kyle Sharp, who are the murderers of Marvin Booker.  Or crazy motha fuckers like officer Shawn Miller that repeatedly assault the most vulnerable of citizens.

Even in instances such as when Officers Randy Murr, Devin Sparks, and Ricky Nixon were terminated it was not due to their atrocious and brutal behavior.  Nor was it due to the fact that they lied.  Rather it was because they were caught lying.  Garcia ain’t fooling us, and unless he disbands the entire police department and allows citizen and community based approaches to policing, separated from the state, I will continue to not be impressed.  Clearly, this will not happen anytime soon nor would it be a process in which the state willingly relinquishes power.

On that note here are some videos to go on and rile people up.

Another Piglet fired

The Denver Post is reporting that Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia has terminated Detective Kenneth Briggle.  Briggle was a detective within the Traffic Unit.   Apparently, Briggle was found guilty of contempt of court during divorce proceedings…hilarious.  Still is curious though that this will get you fired, but cowardice pigs like the murderers of Marvin Booker remain on duty.  WTF?

By the way, Briggle is in our database.  He was known for having one of the greatest stashes on the force.  It will be missed.  By last count with Briggle gone that means 5 down and 1195 to go.  Keep ’em coming Garcia (disclaimer, we in no way support or are impressed with Garcia, rather he is just another tio thomas.)

So long Briggle, your mustashe will not be forgotten

Two More Pigs Get Shit Canned

Manager of Safety Charley Garcia has shit canned two more Denver Police officers. From our calculations that is 4 down and about 1196 to go.

Officers Ricky Nixon and Kevin Devine have been terminated for violating the “Commission of a Deceptive Act,” meaning they lied.  Officers Nixon and Devine were caught on a HALO camera on July 12, 2009 beating, macing, and billy clubbing women and men outside of the Denver Diner.  It remains unclear if any lawsuits have been filed from the incident.  The officer’s must have lied during the internal investigation.  They were not terminated for the excessive force, rather they were terminated for lying about the incident.

Courtesy of CBS 4, Still image from a HALO Camera

Check out the video footage, as reported by CBS 4 news, here

Unfortunately, we are unable to find the video on youtube, so let us know if you see it floating around

Ricky Nixon is the same pig that was involved in the brutal beating of Alexander Landau.  He also killed a man in 2006.

Officially: Officer Devin Sparks and Cpl. Randy Murr have been terminated

Officially:  Officer Devin Sparks and Cpl. Randy Murr have been terminated today by the new Manager of Safety Charles GarciaGrand Wizard Whitman (soon to be former Grand Wizard Whitman) recommended their termination on March 16.

Sadly, it is too little too late.  The termination of Devin Sparks and Randy Murr is an attempt to provide the public with the perception that this is an isolated incident and that the department has rightfully punished the two officers.  Of course this is ridiculous and we are not going to be bamboozled.  The systemic brutality of the DPD is unacceptable and in no way should this be considered a legitimate form of justice.

It should be noted that the officers are not facing any criminal charges.  Apparently a video is not enough evidence to file criminal charges against a couple low level foot soldiers in Denver’s most dangerous gang.