Turns out that one of the officers involved with an incident in which a disabled woman was assaulted by two officers is a career civil rights offender.  This motherless pig, Shawn Miller is currently being sued by two separate parties for claims involving excessive force.  My guess is he will be getting sued again.  How much shit does a Denver pig need to do before he is fired?  Is the police union that fucking strong?  How much more evidence does the DPD need in order to demonstrate that this is a pattern within the department?

The other suits involve officer Miller tackling and beating a man for apparently attempting to question Officer Miller’s awareness that he was about to get run over.  The other incident is extremely disturbing.  Officer Miller beat the shit out of an Iraq war veteran outside of his apartment for a noise ordinance.  The man was beaten so severely he had to be resuscitated.  Denver Civil Rights Attorney David Lane is handling both the suits.

Call out for the immediate termination of Shawn “motherless pig” Miller


  1. Thanks for posting what you have on Officer Shawn Miller. I am the disabled Veteran he beat up tortured, hog tied face down with my right arm chained to my left leg and beaten unconscious and beaten while unconscious according to witness’. David Lane is representing me as well as Jason Graber who was also beaten only 3 days before I was by Officer Shawn Miller and his partner James Robledo. Officer Shawn Miller also beat up an elderly man in his 80’s who was a bystander at an anarchy rally as he was just passing by returning from the public library. The officers go on the stand January 3-4 for a deposition hearing in US District Court. This guy and his partner James Robledo will be in prison not just fired.

    I will blast your petition and website to any and everyone I can.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! for doing all that you do!

    btw- I live in Thailand right now. I find myself very paranoid of any cops and cop cars to the point I had to leave my beloved country that I risked my life for in combat. I am a proud Veteran of 2nd Bn 20th Special Forces Group (A) US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES. No criminal record. Left a 6 figure salary job in silicon Valley as a Senior Engineer to defend the nation after 9/11. I come back to start my life over and was going through the healing process from my wartime experiences only to be turned crippled for a year by Officer Shawn Miller and now with the inability to stand no more than 10 minutes at at time. Office Shawn Miller is a disgrace to the human race. He and Officer James Robledo beat me with saps/black jacks amongst many other weapons the Denver Police use like Nunchakus with long chains, fist blows to my face and all over my body. The guy was laughing and having fun when I was hogtied and defenseless. I will have my day in court. Officer Shawn Miller will pay dearly for what he has done to me, my girlfriend, and the quality of life I have today.

  2. A bad role model for the youth of today! If he does not get punished, they will see this and think its OK to do the same! I would not want to work alongside a colleague who behaved in this manner! The badge sometimes gives power to the wrong people! I would like to add that calling this Officer names does not help, his mother may, just may be a nice person, and its an insult to pigs…..they a cute animals!………

  3. […] and Kyle Sharp, who are the murderers of Marvin Booker.  Or crazy motha fuckers like officer Shawn Miller that repeatedly assault the most vulnerable of […]

  4. So let me get this straight. Officer Miller Beats up a pedestrian for not wanting to get run over by Officer Miller’s car. Then Miller beats down the pedestrian, kidnaps the victim- a Jason Graber and throws him in the drunk tank but he wasn’t drinking? I think we needed to test Officer Miller’s Blood Alcohol Level not the victims.

    He then only 2 days later pummels one of our Nation’s Heroes, James Moore, a Veteran of the Iraq war for a noise ordinance? A beating so bad the man’s heart stopped requiring CPR! Someone needs to check this lunatic, Officer Shawn Miller’s blood for steroids!

    Then as if enough wasn’t enough you hear about this guy assaulting a disabled nearly blind lady who lives in a community home for the disabled and the elderly. Caught on the buildings surveillance Camera!

    …Yet this monster is still working for the Denver PD.


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