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Denver Po-lice Use Family DNA to ID Suspects!

In 2008 the Denver Police Department, led by District Attourney Mitch Morrissey, convicted a young man of allegedly breaking into a car and stealing $1.40 in change; they charged him through matching a drop of blood found at the crime scene with persons in an already established database of convicts. This technique known as “familial DNA searches” essentially convicting persons through ‘guilt by association’, if a person in your family has been charged with some crime, and was added to this database, you could be suspect and even convicted.

According to Erin Murphy, a law professor at the University of California Berkeley, this  ‘familial DNA’ search process “makes absolutely no sense. Other than the misfortune of having a relative that has gotten in trouble, there’s no distinction in their likelihood of having committed a crime.”

AP Press commented that, “U.S. authorities are conducting blind searches of databases for suspects unknown to police.”

This ‘familial DNA’ process is only used in 2 states, Colorado and California; although  it has been banned in Maryland for obvious reasons. This process is clearly destructive, and provides no evidence to support its own allegations. Not only should we be upset that they are conducting these DNA searches to convict relatives of persons who fell under the arm of the law; but also that they are wasting what’s sure to be, a whole lot of tax-payer money on ridiculous searches to convict a poor kid who allegedly stole $1.40 IN CHANGE! Not only is this a misuse of valuable resources, but these pigs are dumping money into a clearly flawed system that public officials, like District Attorney Mitch Morrissey, are backing.

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New Video!!!

2 police officers at a local Copwatch residence, one refusing to give up his card and simply walking away; the other gathering intel

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And Another One…

Another po-lice officer added to the database! Corporal Victor Baca, add comments if you have any, you can check him out here! Or just click the ‘police database’ tab at the top! He’s in District 1.

New Video From Cap Hill!

This is the first video from West Denver Copwatch at Cap Hill! The video shows a couple of stops where the po-lice refused to give up their cards, although they’re legally obligated to do so.  You can check them out here:

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Denver Deputy Fired after Probe of Inmate’s “Alleged Assault”

Denver deputy fired after probe of inmate’s alleged assault

A Denver sheriff’s deputy was fired after supervisors determined he shoved an inmate into a wall, slammed the inmate’s head into a sharp corner and cut him, then kicked the man in the face while he was kneeling and handcuffed.

Deputy Safety Manager Mary Mala testa fired Steven Koehler as of Dec. 12 for a series of alleged assaults March 22 on inmate Robert Duran, according to documents released Thursday by Denver’s Career Service Hearing Office.

The dismissal notice said Koehler was careless in performance of his duties, failed to follow rules and lied to supervisors or falsified documents.

The alleged assaults on Duran, 43, who was arrested March 22 on two counts of assault, were partially witnessed by two other deputies, and part was captured on video at the Denver City Jail. Koehler was placed on paid administrative leave shortly after the incident.

On the day of the alleged incidents, Koehler was assigned to the elevator in a shift that went until midnight.

According to documents filed in the case, video shows that Koehler pushed Duran into the elevator on the second floor with enough force that the inmate slammed into the back of the elevator, already occupied by three other inmates. The video itself has not yet been made public.

According to his termination notice, video shows that Duran put his hands in the air in a surrendering gesture and that Koehler quickly entered the elevator, grabbed Duran by the “head area” and forced his head into the sharp edge of a window in the sally port, cutting Duran’s head open.

Duran was taken to a hospital, where he received stitches for his injuries, according to the report.

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Commerce City Cop Shoots Dog

Commerce City family outraged when cops shoot their dog

Zoey was a mutt adopted from an animal shelter in 2003.  

She had never bitten anyone, her owners said, although she’d always bark at visitors who came to their 10-acre property in Commerce City.  About 3 p.m., Wednesday, Zoey was shot dead by a Commerce City police officer.

Julia and Frank Agazio say what happened was inexcusable.

The Commerce City police say the officer did the only thing she could, shoot a “vicious dog” who threatened her.  An investigation into the incident is on-going.

Mr. Agazio accidentally hit a pre-programmed 911 button.  When he did, the Commerce City Police called back to find out if everything was OK. He told them everything was fine.  Commerce City police decided to send an officer to the residence to make sure – without telling the Agazios they would soon be there.

The Commercity Police spokesman said the female officer – who he declined to identify by name or length of service – walked through an open gate on the Agazio driveway, said Dickey.  There, said Dickey, she was confronted by “three, large vicious dogs.”  Dickey said the officer shot Zoey as the dog attempted to attack her.

The officer is still on duty and is still carrying her weapon. The shooting is not the same as where an officer shoots a human and is placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

The Agazios tell a different version of events.  They claim that moments before the shooting, Zoey, along with the other two dogs, were on a porch being fed biscuits by Frank’s 82-year-old father.

When the officer approached, Zoey, who has always acted as the couple’s watchdog, apparently heard the officer and started barking at her as she always did at visitors.  The Agazios said the officer had walked at least 40 yards on to their property when she pulled the trigger once. The shot struck Zoey in the chest.  At the time she was shot, the Agazios said Zoey was 10 feet away from the officer.

The Agazios say they wish that the female officer, if she was concerned about the dog, would have called the police dispatcher and had the Agazios restrain their pet. And they wonder why the officer didn’t use a Taser or pepper spray.

“We receive constant deliveries from UPS, Fed Ex, the mail man and other various delivery services and none of these people have ever been attacked by our ‘vicious’ dogs,” said Julia Agazio.

“Her first interaction with those who are meant to serve and protect ended up with them murdering her dog right in front of her,” said Maria’s mother. “No longer is Zoey on her little rug at the front door where she lay for the last seven years.”

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Update on the Murder of Matthew Harrera

Matthew Harrera’s murderer’s name has been released! 30 year old Matthew Herrera was shot 6 times and killed by 50 year old Platteville Police Officer Jim Torrez, in the early morning on January 28th of this year. According to new information, Herrera’s girlfriend, Crystal Eggleston, who wittnessed the murder, says that Jim Torrez was NOT IN UNIFORM when he shot and killed Herrera!

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C-Springs Cop Shoots at Handyman

In Colorado Springs on Feb 3, 2010 two officers responded to a burglary report and one of them fired one shot narrowly missing a completely innocent man.  Kevin Rogers with another handyman were helping their friend Pam Riggen fix up her house.  A neighbor called the police because she thought the men were burglars shortly after Riggen had left her home to go to a school meeting.  “Rogers says he was in the woman’s garage getting pliers when an officer ordered him to put up his hands. Rogers says that at almost the same time he put his hands up, the officer fired a shot but missed him.”  

“I think this was maybe a little too much for what happened I think maybe they needed to assess the situation maybe ask what are you guys doing here you know something like that,” Riggen said.  “But she cant stop thinking about what might have happened if her son had been in the garage at the time.”

Thats putting it lightly.  This pig shot at an unarmed man in a garage before he even had time to put his hands up.  Luckily he was a bad shot, otherwise this situation could be even worse.  Regardless of if the pig hit his target or not, this is unacceptable behavior.  There are strict guidelines in the po-lice handbook about using deadly force, not that pigs follow it, but it is obvious that in this situation the use of deadly force was completely out of line.  This so called public servant needs to be removed from his post immediately and never allowed to work for a law enforcement, or even a private security firm ever again!

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Colorado Connection

New Officer Added to Database!

New Officer added from the Aurora Police Department;

Officer Pat Serrant

If you have any comments about the officer or know anything about their conduct please post it under their page.