Two More Pigs Get Shit Canned

Manager of Safety Charley Garcia has shit canned two more Denver Police officers. From our calculations that is 4 down and about 1196 to go.

Officers Ricky Nixon and Kevin Devine have been terminated for violating the “Commission of a Deceptive Act,” meaning they lied.  Officers Nixon and Devine were caught on a HALO camera on July 12, 2009 beating, macing, and billy clubbing women and men outside of the Denver Diner.  It remains unclear if any lawsuits have been filed from the incident.  The officer’s must have lied during the internal investigation.  They were not terminated for the excessive force, rather they were terminated for lying about the incident.

Courtesy of CBS 4, Still image from a HALO Camera

Check out the video footage, as reported by CBS 4 news, here

Unfortunately, we are unable to find the video on youtube, so let us know if you see it floating around

Ricky Nixon is the same pig that was involved in the brutal beating of Alexander Landau.  He also killed a man in 2006.

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  1. About the only way you can clean up the mess in Denver Police Department is if you ewre to “FIRE” every damn uniformed individual or other employees of the Denver Police Department, From the Cheese of Police all the way down to the Janitors. Then call the Fire trucks to come and with a highest water preesure, clean up the shit for months ( at least 7). Then have an educated team of civilians ( Doctors, Engineers, Non attorney educated, like Teachers and so on ) to interview College graduates, non violent, smart human beings to apply for the position of realy serving the people in honor with respect for all!.
    all citizens will have their God given right to speak and no “Thugs” can hold that agaist them in any “Hellhole”created by the cropted system in place!
    I would further Fire all Judges and start the whole clean system(dont forget to auction out their benches and give them Folding chairs!!). So they don’t act as if they are “GOD”

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