Denver’s Police State to Expand, Privatize, and Spy on Our Youth

According to The Denver Post, there are currently 80 high tech video cameras throughout Denver’s financial districts documenting folks’ every move. H.A.L.O. surveillance cameras, (High Activity Location Observation) are so enjoyed by the business sector that several corporations have decided to donate a total of 33 more cameras to the Denver Police Department.

Now, if this doesn’t prove that the Police’s main function is to ensure the protection of the wealthy, I do not know what does. Instead of attempting to address the inadequacies and brutality of Denver’s-so-called-Finest the public and private sectors are pouring money to a Department that is being both privatized and egregiously violating our rights to privacy and “expression in public spaces.”

Most disturbing is the fact that “Target Corp. is donating $100,000 for police surveillance cameras at George Washington, Kennedy and North high schools. Police already have installed cameras at East, Lincoln, Manual and Montbello high schools, and they monitor video feeds from a separate Denver Public Schools system.” Why the fuck aren’t cameras being installed at Cherry Creek or Columbine? The fact that the state, through the financial backing of a Fortune 50 Company like Target, is spying on our children and documenting their every move reeks of corporatism, big brother antics, and further demonstrates the continuously expanding Police State.