Prologue to: Stop Snitchin On Yourself!

Over a week ago now I was thinking about a good article to write for the blog.  In my brainstorming I came up with the idea to write a multi-part series entitled “Stop Snitchin On Yourself (and others)”, which would look to examine the way in which social media, our computers, and our cell phones; have made every single one of us a snitch on ourselves at best, and on many other at worst.  Although these have had some positive results, I would deeply question whether the positive outweighs the many negatives.  It has been known for quite some time that the state has the ability to intercept pretty much anything digital; from phone calls and texts, to keystrokes and searches (there are ways to protect yourself but that is a whole other article, which hopefully will be coming this summer).  Although contrary to the popular and official narrative, if the state has the ability to do something, especially when it has to do with spying on individuals and infringing on our allegedly protected rights, it does it.

Now in my article over a week ago I could have had some citations, and some examples of widespread state surveillance on us fine upstanding citizens, but damn, I am glad I waited a while and I would like to personally thank Mr. Edward Snowden, a true Untied Stateian hero, on behalf of WDCW.  People like Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning give proof to what is already known, and written on so many walls.  So now it’s out there, not in full, but fuller than it has been previously, that the state is spying on millions of hardworking people living in the United States.  They track just the “metadata” but we all know they track much more than just that, especially if it is regarding a person of interest. As it was said in Cypherpunks,

“When you communicate over the internet, when you communicate using mobile phones, which are now meshed to the internet, your communications are being intercepted by military intelligence organizations. It’s like having a tank in your bedroom. It’s a soldier between you and your wife as you’re SMSing. We are all living under martial law as far as our communications are concerned, we just can’t see the tanks—but they are there.”

This is not some far off distant dystopia, this is Amerikkka in 2013 and its only going to get worse.  This is not a partisan problem, as both of the capitalist parties have endorsed this and supported these measures wholeheartedly.  Obama is far worse than Bush ever was, and he continues to expand his powers daily as he continues to bomb and spy on not just citizens, but everyone they can.  This is only a prologue, with more details and discussions to come, but its good to be back, and I hope y’all enjoy.