2 More Denver Pigs Fired

According to the Denver Post, outgoing Manager of Safety Mary Malatesta has fired officers David Torres and Jose Palomares.  Torres is a 25 year vet of the DPD and Palomares has 7 years as an officer with the DPD under his belt.  Apparently these two officers lied on a police report regarding a car theft.  What the Fuck?  How is it that these two fools get fired (not that we are upset over their termination) and officers that have beaten the shit out of people or even kill people are still on the force?  The article claims that appeals by both officers are expected.

Today is Mary Malatesta’s last day as Manager of Safety.  She is being replaced by Charley Garcia who is the former head of the Denver public defender’s office.  Though we know almost nothing about Mr. Garcia it is safe to assume that he will provide the same bull shit as his predecessors.

Charles Garcia the brand new Manager of Safety