City to Pay 136k, More Pig Infighting, and O22

The city of Denver is getting ready to pay $136,000 to a woman who suffered traumatic brain injury following being rammed by a squad car.  This pay out is in the midst of Denver city already dishing out over 1.5 million dollars since 2008 cite.

Furthermore, there has been speculation over the last week that the rank and file of the DPD is taking part in an organized work slow down.  Now, this is all speculation, however for us it is glorious.  On the one hand you have major pig infighting and on the other you have a less active department, meaning hopefully a decline in abuses. That aside, folks still need to be on the weary side of things.  All too often it is the people that suffer the most when there is tension within police departments.

Finally, following October 22, the International Day Against Police Brutality, there is a sense of urgency and momentum in the air.  After a weekend of actions that saw a march with a breath of fresh air on Friday and copwatching in every district on Saturday it is important to stay up on these issues.  We must be diligent, cautious, and courageous.

Big up to Queen City Antifa, West Denver Copwatch, Comite Defensa Del Pueblo, Aurora Copwatch, and all of the folks that took part in any or all of the weekends festivities.  Keeping it real.

Another Fucking Creeping-Scoundrel-Rapist-Pig

After an Internal Affairs investigation, Denver pig Hector Paez has been arrested.  Paez has been accused of offering a deal of sex or jail to a woman in a parking lot.  Lynn Kimbrough, a spokeswoman for the Denver district attorney’s office claims that, “he [Paez] allegedly placed her in his patrol car and took her to a light-industrial area on the west side of town and coerced her into having sex with him.”  Fucking rapist.  Paez is facing felony charges of kidnapping, sexual assault and attempt to influence a public servant. The latter charge alleges he lied about having contact with the woman when he was interviewed by the internal-affairs investigators.  Denver Post

Our remorse to the victim.  Paez, you piece of shit, rapist, motherless pig.  Denver Law enforcement Agencies have a fucking problem.  A bunch, brutalizing, sexual assaulting, pigs is what you all are.  Shameful shit.

Rapist Hector Paez

Pig Infighting, Boss Whitman Losing control over his piglets

The Denver Police Department has dominated the headlines with controversy for the last several months.  Good fucking riddance.  The Denver Post is now reporting that Lt. Daren Ciempa and Sgt. Bryan O’Neill have been reassigned due to them surveilling the commander of Internal Affairs.  The officers have been transferred out of district 6 to posts at DIA and the identification bureau both of which are the dumping ground for the truly stupid, incompetent, and brutal.

Apparently, Whitman and the other top echelons of the SS/DPD viewed the actions of Ciempa and O’Neill as being a case of insubordination.  Regardless, it appears that all is not quiet on the Department’s front and further demonstrates that times are volatile.  With bosses mad at officers and officers mad at bosses, the streets need to be on alert.  Often times the people will feel the brunt of the dissatisfaction and we all know the brutal nature of this department.  Read more for specifics regarding the case here.

Gestapo Chief Whitman

Fuck Columbus and his Fucking Day

Here is a film that some Copwatchers did from Transform Columbus Day 2007.


Update on the Child Molesting Scoundrel

Deputy Sheriff Mark Davis has been charged with 14 felony counts in relations to sexual assault on two young boys.  Details are still murky, however it appears that charging docs allege that an 8 year old was victimized from June 1 through September 27.  Also, 9news reports that Davis faces additional charges involving a 12 year old from 2002-2006.  David is being held on a 800k bond out of Jefferson County.

We will keep you posted on this travesty.

Child Molesting Scoundrel

It has been reported that Denver Sheriff’s deputy Mike Davis has been arrested for sexual assault on a child in a position of trust.  There is little detail at this moment regarding this matter.  It has been mentioned that there is suspicion that there might be other victims.  Davis has been a deputy for 14 years.

The Denver Post reports that, “he’s being held in Jefferson County as a precautionary measure for his safety.”  This basically means that they are isolating him from gen-pop.  Most likely because 1. He is a pig and 2. He is a child molester.  In prison, neither of that shit flies.  Our condolences go out to the victims and we will keep y’all posted as more comes in.

WANTED: Sgt. Carrie Rodriguez, James Grimes, Faun Gomez, Kenneth Robinette, and Kyle Sharp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fox 31 and the Denver Post have released the names of the deputies involved with the murder of Marvin Booker.  Sgt. Carrie Rodriguez and deputies James Grimes, Faun Gomez, Kenneth Robinette and Kyle Sharp are the murderous pigs that took the life of Mr. Booker.  Of course the DA has made clear that he will not be seeking any criminal charges against these motherless fuckers.  See here.

Unfortunately, we only have minimal information about these murderers.  However, Faun Gomez was also involved in the death of Emily Rae Rice.  According to Darold Killmer, the attorney for both Rice and Booker claims that, “Deputy Gomez was one of the Deputy Sheriffs that was on duty the moment Emily Rice died. Emily was crying out in pain and begging for medical care and the Deputy Sheriffs, including Faun Gomez, ignored her pleas for help.”

Amazingly, this Serial killer is on a paid vacation (Paid Admin-leave).

We will gather more information and keep everyone in the loop.

Myspace pic of Faun Gomez