NEW VIDEO!!!!!!! ICE Detention Center Fast/Vigil

Reminder: TODAY (September 6, 2010) @ 6ish the monthly Rally at the ICE detention center is going down.  Be there!!!!!!!!!!!



West Denver Copwatch at a protest outside the Ice Detention Center in Aurora, CO on June 7th 2010.

I.C.E. Office Opens In Greeley Un-Announced

A new Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office was opened in Greeley, CO. unannounced! The pigs who have been consistently harassing people of color in Greeley and around Weld County for years claim that the office was needed because of  ‘drug trafficking’ through Weld County, although as Roberto Romero from Al Frente in Greeley explained, there are no major drug trafficking highways that go through Weld County. The office was opened despite constant resistence from the local community, and was opened without announcement specifically because they thought that it would cause an already divided community to react and respond directly.

Since the inception of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, they have been  jailing and deporting  innocent persons. A countless number of families have been seperated by the ICE agency in Weld County alone. This office will only perpetuate the hatred against persons of color, as well as continue to imprison innocent individuals at the expense of their families.

Vent your anger! DA Ken Buck has been a huge supporter of ICE and the opening of new ICE offices in Colorado; with this office opened in Greeley and another scheduled to open in Colorado Springs, we ask that you tell Ken what you think!

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ICE Detention Center Video

Here’s a new West Denver Copwatch video of the protests at the ICE detention center in Aurora. It’s a privately owned prison used to detain persons whose only crime is that they lack papers confirming their right to reside in the occupied territory known as the United States of America:

ICE Detention Center January 4, 2010

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