Meet District 6 Divison Chief David Quinones (the man behind all the brutality of Occupy Denver)

Division Chief David Quinones is the head honcho of district 6, just thought you all should know who is calling the shots.

Division Chief David Quinones

Badge No. 86017

Patrol Division

cell: 720.913.6530

office: 720.641.1659

City Ready to Dish Out $117,500 to Man that Was Beaten by DPD

The Denver Post is reporting that City Council will approve a $117,500 settlement for Tyler Mustard.  Mustard was beaten with a flashlight by officers Michael Morelock and Kimberly Thompson.  He suffered head injuries and a collapsed lung.  Morelock is known as being one of the biggest pieces of shits in a department full of giant pieces of shit.  Maybe Garcia will fire him next.  Fingers crossed.

Our condolences to Mr. Mustard and enjoy getting paid.

Morelock happens to be in our database

Another Piglet fired

The Denver Post is reporting that Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia has terminated Detective Kenneth Briggle.  Briggle was a detective within the Traffic Unit.   Apparently, Briggle was found guilty of contempt of court during divorce proceedings…hilarious.  Still is curious though that this will get you fired, but cowardice pigs like the murderers of Marvin Booker remain on duty.  WTF?

By the way, Briggle is in our database.  He was known for having one of the greatest stashes on the force.  It will be missed.  By last count with Briggle gone that means 5 down and 1195 to go.  Keep ’em coming Garcia (disclaimer, we in no way support or are impressed with Garcia, rather he is just another tio thomas.)

So long Briggle, your mustashe will not be forgotten


Last Saturday night, the west side was flooded with yuppies and richies attending the U2 concert at Invesco field.  The area just so happens to be WDCW’s strong hold.  The next morning we were receiving calls from residents with what we thought was some sensationalized shit.  A cop ran over another cop.  Well, turns out it is true.  I’m sorry but I can’t stop chuckling.

Apparently, an officer that was directing traffic was badly injured when he was run over by a police cruiser that was transporting a prisoner.  No names have been released, but there is a good shot  the “victim” is in our database considering we have a solid chunk of DPD traffic cops.  For other Stoopid cop moments click here.


8 More District 4 Police for the Database!!!!!!!!!!!!

Officer Michael Walsh

Officer Michael Samuels

Officer Velasquez

Officer F. Little

Officer Norberto J. Ricardo

Officer David Evans

Officer Chris Jones

Officer Jon T. Crowe

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Chief Gerald Whitman “Grand Wizard” of the DPD is now in the database, count it suckas

Chief Gerald Whitman “Grand Wizard” of the DPD


Also, we happened across an interview with City Councilman and mayoral candidate Doug Linkhart. Now, by no means do we endorse candidates within the electoral process, however if you happen to be a democrat you may want to vote for him.

20 New Police for database

Division Chief Mary Beth Klee

Captain Brian Gallagher

Lt. Magen Dodge

Lt. Steve Wilson

Lt. Stacey Goss

Sgt. James Moneghan

Sgt. Jackie Anderson

Detective William Saulton

Officer Jason Mejia

Officer Walter Baisden III

Officer Todd Parro

Officer Vanessa Porter

Officer R.A. Pine

Officer Michael Dore

Officer James Medina

Officer Phillips

Officer Stephen Laes

Officer Scott Armstrong

Officer Enrique Arellano

Officer Anthony Wilkerson Sr.


19 More PoPo for the Database!!!!!!!!!!

Officer Michael Pineda

Officer Robert Southern

Officer Dan Giles

Sgt. Jeffrey P. Kolts

Officer E. Golladay

Sgt. Al Shell

Commander Tony Lopez

Division Chief David Quinones

Officer Vincent Parnitsupoun

Officer Nathan Beiriger

Officer Ronald Joey Helm

Officer Dan McIntosh

Sgt. Joseph D. Unser

Officer Adam Giggey

Officer Adam Golden

Sgt. Thomas “T.J.” Sherwood

Officer Lex Jorge

Officer Joey A. Gasca

Officer Humberto C. Marquez


A new law suit has been filed against Denver Police Officer Abbegayle Dorn.  According to reports, Rohit Mukherjee along with his friends were attending a party on April 10, 2010, at an apartment downtown.

The party however was disrupted by Denver Police officers.  Mr. Mukherjee claims that Officer Dorn entered the apartment, pinned his neck against the door, threw him on the ground, dragged him along the floor, and stood on his ankles.  The complaint also claims that officers twisted Mukherjee’s fingers as they questioned him, kneed him in the head and smashed his face into the wall as they walked him out, while taunting him (Denver Post).

Some of the attendees took video and pictures with their phones, however Officer Dorn confiscated the phones and put them in boiling water.  7 people were arrested, however all charges have been dismissed.

A side Note:

Abbegayle Dorn was on American Gladiator back in 2008.  She looks like a steroided out pig.

Interestingly, her best friend and fellow law woman, Vicki Ferrari was also a contestant.  Additionally, Ms. Ferrari is also being sued due to excessive force.  In her bio for the show it states Vicki, “Nicknamed “Pitbull” by the guys at the precinct,  is charming and easygoing with a lightning-quick temper.  She is best friends with contender and police officer Abbe Dorn.” Citation

All jokes aside, the gender of a pig does not matter.  Once you put on the gangs colors of the DPD ones gender, race, and ethnicity is no longer a factor.  Your identity is first and foremost a pig.

And another one for the database

Officer E. Quintana