Pigs Get Away With Murder… Again

Last month, Kenneth Yeager was murdered by the Evans po-lice, after he allegedly pointed a gun out of his car window, during a “standoff” outside of the Double Clutch Cafe. Four pigs fired a barrage at Yeager, hitting him three times. The fatal bullet struck Yeager in the face/head, as the confrontation came to an end around 6 a.m.

Today, those murderin’ pigs were (unsurprisingly) cleared of any wrongdoing and will face no punishment whatsoever. When they murdered Yeager, the po-lice were apparently under the impression that “their lives were in danger.” If the pigs felt fear for their lives, imagine how Mr. Yeager must have felt, given that there were pigs from at least seven departments, including Weld County Sheriffs and a SWAT team.  What strikes me as surprising, however, is that Yeager was shot in the head. Now, I don’t know bout yall, but I can’t imagine having the time to place such a precise shot in the morning twilight, if I felt like my life was actually threatened. I suppose shooting Yeager in the head may have been unintentional but it seems much more likely that the trained murderers had Yeager in their sights for hours and finally got the chance to exercise their itchy trigger fingers. Deadly force is the norm, not the exception.

Another civilian dead at the hands of the po-lice, another day in the streets, the struggle continues…