Fuck Richard Rosenthal-Independent My Ass

Westword has an extensive feature article about the exploits of Richard Rosenthal, the Independent Monitor.  The article analyzes Rosnethal’s role as the Independent Monitor as well as attempts to address the current state of affairs of the DPD.

Let us just say right up front, FUCK RICHARD ROSENTHAL.

When asked a question in the article concerning the public perception and outrage toward the DPD Rosenthal says, “The reason we see these stories [referring to coverage regarding police brutality] is because we have a good police department, a good, transparent process, so the public can see the good, the bad and the ugly…. In Denver, we have one of the most progressive civilian oversight programs in the country.”

I mean, where to even begin.  Rosenthal is claiming that since the media “covers” police brutality cases that in and of itself is proof that the DPD is a good department.”  Such a fucking joke.  My question to Rosenthal, who after all would have these statistics is, what about the countless victims whose stories go either unreported and/or not presented by the media?

My other issue(s) with Rosenthal and the OIM is the perception that it is independent from the government.  Firstly, why is Rosenthal’s office on the 12th floor of the Webb building , which just so happens to be right next to the  City Attorney’s office.  Secondly, Rosenthal was appointed by the fucking mayor to his life long position, that’s right Rosenthal’s on some Qaddafi shit.  Thirdly, Why is it that Rosenthal really only seems to have issue when officers lie about excessive force, rather than having issue with the excessive force itself.  Finally, Rosenthal has no desire to share the burden of monitoring the police.  He is under the impression that his office is pioneering the way of police accountability, yet he has no disciplinary ability.  Nor does he involve any community led initiatives challenging police brutality.

Basically, Rosenthal is a pawn.  The state has co-opted actual notions and models of community policing by appointing Rosenthal and attempting to sell it as a progressive model that polices the police.

Despite this, people in the community and in the hood are not bamboozled by this nonsense.  We are hip to the bullshit.

Richard Rosenthal, image courtesy of the Westword