Meet the New Grand Wizard of the DPD: Welcome to Denver Robert White

Chief Robert White will soon begin as Denver’s new police chief replacing long time Grand Wizard Gerold Whitman.  Chief White has been the police chief of  Louisville, KY since 2003.   The Westword is reporting that White ” has a record as a strict disciplinarian,  [and] made it clear that he will not hesitate to make needed changes in that culture.”  White told the Westword that, “I think there are some changes that need to occur,” including making the DPD “more transparent.”

Of course the DPD does require radical changes, for start the total dismantling of the department would make us happy,  however clearly we cannot expect the new Chief to do this.  We have no faith in the new chief just as we have no faith in any other city official.  The day of the announcement occurred almost simultaneously to DPD officers brutalizing, beating, an pepperspraying folks at OccupyDenver.

Chief White, our first demand is for you to tell your psycho henchmen to stand the fuck down.


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Call out for Pictures and Video from Attack on Occup Denver

We know people have tons of awesome videos and pics from the crazy shit DPD pulled on October 29, 2011, please email us at, or message us on facebook or on Twitter so we can help consolidate and get it to the legal team.

Courtesy of Denver Post

O22 Video!!!!!!!!!

Dope track with shout out to Copwatch

Denver and Albuquerque MCs Molina and Diles have a new track entitled “Love Where I live,” featuring a shout out to Copwatch having the hoods back.  Much obliged Molina and Diles.




DPD raids and brutalizes a Jefferson Park Squat

Please Post and Forward Widely
Sunday afternoon a squat in the Jefferson Park Neighborhood of Northwest Denver was raided by over a dozen officers from District 1 of the Denver Police Department.
Witnesses report that the raid was very violent, with at least 8 officers repeatedly beating one of the arrestees, and eventually using paramedics to sedate them while they laid face down, bleeding, in the street.
Four people were arrested, one being sent to a hospital in an ambulance to receive medical care.  As of Sunday night, three of the arrestees are facing 2nd degree Burglary (a class 3 felony) and $10,000 bonds.  The fourth arrestee’s charges remain unknown because she is still hospitalized.  All four have been active participants of Occupy Denver.
How to Help
  • Contribute to our bail fund! Contact DenverABC at for information on how to donate to the fund.
  • Courtroom solidarity! Bond hearings will be Monday (10/24), 10am, at the Van Cise- Simonet Detention Facility (Colfax and Delaware).  Future hearings will be posted on
  • The first solidarity action will be Monday (10/24), 5pm, at the Van Cise facility.
  • Stay in the loop for future solidarity actions and opportunities at  We are also on Twitter and Facebook.  Also request to be on our announcement list by emailing us.

Press Release Today: Lawsuit Filed Against Aurora Police For Assaulting Unconscious Man Whose Family Had Called 911

Civil rights Attorney’s Mari Newman and Darold Killmer are filing a lawsuit against the the city of Aurora.  In December 2010, police were called to the home of Rickey Burrell after he suffered a seizure.  Police arrived to find Mr. Burrell unconscious and proceeded to jump on top of him and grab his arms fracturing his wrists.  Mr. Burrell is a grandfather.


Update on O22 March

The march was a beautiful thing.  There were severl hundred people in the street.  Look out for video form the march tonight!!!!!!!!


In the mean time, two Copwatchers were quoted in the Denver Post

TODAY- O22 International Day of Action Against Police Terror

Saturday October 22nd, 6pm
Meet outside the entrance of the Denver Zoo, where Denver police murdered Alonzo Ashley in July.

Police terror is plaguing the Denver metro area. As worldwide economic conditions worsen, the police have locally continued to murder, mass imprison, and torture poor and working class people, people of color, migrants, and others marginalized by the capitalist system.

Over the past year and a half, a growing movement against police terror has spread throughout Denver. Street demonstrations, public meetings, court room actions, and other public mobilizations have helped build strong networks of social struggle against police violence in the Denver metro area.

Although a wave of police firings briefly created an illusion that the heinous abuses of the police may be handled by those in administrative power, the recent rehirings of police officers who have admittedly brutalized local residents have illustrated that those in power will not be the ones who fix this problem.

While folks have petitioned, held meetings with public officials, sued the police and administration, and used every other method through the usual “legitimate” channels to effect change, the police still murder and attack us on a daily basis. Justice will only come from us, not the same system that is reliant upon the police for protection. When the police know that the people will mobilize and fight back in a literal, and not just figurative sense, then they will start to back down.

Building a movement that can directly stand against police terror can start in many places. We have chosen the streets because we feel that by reclaiming space, we also reclaim power. The police truly believe that the streets belong to them. They belong instead to the people. And every time we march, and hold these streets without their permission, we reclaim space that the police attempt to steal from us on a daily basis.

Join us in holding the streets on October 22nd, a day that has been commemorated for over a decade as an international day of action against police terror and abuse.

See you in the streets TOMORROW!

Get Hyped – Videos from Past Anti-Police Terror Marches

Tomorrow – 6PM Denver Zoo – March Against Police Terror!