Colorado law enforcement legend Pat Sullivan arrested for unlawful distribution, manufacturing, dispensing or sale of a controlled substance.  Apparently, he was caught in a sting operation in which he wanted to exchange meth for sex with a man.  Best part, he is being held in the detention center that bares his name.

Chief Snow White Earning $167k per Year

Denver City Council has approved new DPD  Chief Bobby “Snow” White an annual salary of $167,466.  That means that he will earn $13,955 per month to cover up brutality, $3,320 a week to maintain a culture of intimidation, and $458 a day to be both a fucking pig and a politician.  According to many within the so called occupy movement, that means that Snow White is part of the 99%.

DPD Being Crazy at OD 11/13/2011

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DPD Brutality from 11/12/2011

Courtesy of freetobe.tv Video from 11/12/2011 DPD acting fucking crazy as always


DPD craziness

The Denver Post filed a CORA (Colorado Open Records Act) Request to the DPD concerning their use of force statistics.  Apparently, in the past three years there has been 232 officers that people have complained about concerning excessive force.  Of those two have been disciplined.

Solidarity for DABC

Courtesy of DABC: It’s 11:07 on a Sunday morning, and yet again the 27 Social Centre in Northwest Denver is full of people. Folks are talking to imprisoned comrades on the phone, coordinating with court observers who just left a long bond hearing for 20 arrestees, entering yet more names and case numbers into online databases, and trying to feed each other and take care of our kids. Police have been rolling by slowly and regularly, in increasing regularity on the streets surrounding our building. We tend to get a lot of roll by cop traffic, but today definitely feels different. They drive really slow, eyeballing everyone and anyone coming or going, and their numbers only seem to be increasing.

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Occupy Denver 10/29/11