ACLU Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Jason Kemp

The ACLU is reporting that they filed a lawsuit on behalf of Jason Kemp.  Kemp was murdered execution style in the summer of 2010 by Colorado State Patrol men.  Kemp refused to allow officers to enter his Grand Junction home with out a warrant.  In turn, Kemp was murdered in cold blood.

Glad to see the ballin’ ass lawyers at the ACLU are handling this case.

Our deepest condolences to the Kemp family.

Jason Kemp

Remembering March 17th and the attack on the Crusade For Justice

Via Raim: This March 17th is the commemoration of the death of Luis Jr Martinez. On March 17 1973, the Crusade for Justice, a Chicano civil rights organization in Denver, was attacked in a police raid. In the ensuing attack Luis Jr Martinez was assassinated by a cop from the Denver police. Luis was a Chicano revolutionary who exemplified the spirit of resistance and struggle for Mexicano people in occupied land. He gave his life defending his people, and for this we observe his life.

As a youth Martinez grew up in the barrios of Denver. He put his energies into serving the community as he became more politically active and aware. Martinez eventually joined the Crusade for Justice, founded in 1966 and led by Rudolfo “Corky” Gonzalez. The Crusade for Justice was a leading Chicano nationalist organization and the Crusade and Corky became influential nationwide. With the Crusade Martinez attended the Poor Peoples Campaign in 1968 in DC.

Martinez was also a founder of a local chapter of the Black Berets, a national radical Chicano organization. They operated out of the Crusade building and assisted with security at community events. The Berets played an important role in the West High School blowouts in 1968, high school uprisings that happened all throughout Aztlan/Occupied Mexico. Junior was active in serving, educating and organizing the Chicano community in many different ways.

Martinez was also an accomplished dancer. After traveling to Mexico Martinez founded the Baile de Chicano de Aztlan, a dance troupe within the Crusade. Using culture as a tool, he helped in bringing back culture from Mexico to teach to the people to help regain their cultural knowledge. The enthusiasm Martinez brought to his dance influenced others around him.

Luis became an outspoken and increasingly militant activist. Subsequently he was constantly targeted by the police. Like many debates among the Movement in this time, an issue at hand was armed self defense, with Martinez being an advocate that oppressed people have a right to defend themselves.

On February 27 1973 the American Indian Movement took over and occupied Wounded Knee, South Dakota in response to the long injustices and oppression faced by First Nation peoples. In Denver the Crusade helped organize protests in solidarity, showing unity and cooperation among oppressed nations within Amerika. Both AIM and Chicano organizations were targets of federal counterinsurgency under COINTELPRO, and the prospects of Chicano and Native unity was something they couldn’t tolerate. The Wounded Knee incident lasted 71 days, and the activity around it was a pretext to lead to a confrontation on March 17 of that year.

The police raided the Crusade headquarters at Colfax and Downing this day. A shootout happened between police and Chicanos, including Martinez. Luis was shot and killed, and another Crusade member was wounded. A subsequent explosion destroyed a Crusade apartment building. The reason for this explosion remains unknown, but was in the context of the Wounded Knee struggle, and this repressive act marked a turning point for movement activities in Denver.

Richard Arreola Was Murdered

Though details remain unclear, the more facts that appear, lead us to believe that Richard was killed in cold blood.  Lets try and break this down point by point.  Mr. Arreola was apparently, under investigation for suspicion of slanging meth to south Aurora middle schoolers.  Now, if this is true, it is clearly a despicable act, however we know the police lie to justify their deadly ways.  Undercover narcs went to Mr. Arreola’s  business, Neviah Wireless, and apparently bought some weed off of him.  Big fucking deal.  They are also claiming that he led them to believe that he could get them meth.  But guess what, when they executed a search warrant at Mr. Arreola’s business the day after he was murdered they seized a pound of weed and no meth.

The police are trying to spin this as an instance in which Mr. Arreola discovered the identity of the narcs and approached them with a gun(s) and were therefore placed in a position in which they had to kill him.  Lets look at this from a rational angle.  If someone is following you that appears  suspicious, one may react.  Furthermore, Mr. Arreola lived in the hood and may have had a gun for protection.  I am assuming this because he did not attempt to conceal them.  Rather, allegedly,  he carried both a pistol and rifle in plain view.  This is not a crime.  In fact, maybe this is a case the NRA should jump on board with.  Here we have a gun totting business owner that is shot to death by the police.  Furthermore, no one is claiming that Mr. Arreola raised up on anyone.  Lets be real here.  Mr Arreola, may not have been an angel, nonetheless, he is allowed to have guns and to be suspicious of some creepy ass people following him.  At worst, he was a drug dealer, however what the Aurora police are trying to do is justifying killing him on this basis.  Even if this is true, which I lean toward doubting, in no way should this be a fucking death sentence.

Our deepest condolences.

Courtesy of Denver post via 9news handout

Richard Arreola was the Victim in the Shooting

The Denverpost is now reporting that the victim in last nights killing was Richard Arreloa.  Mr. Arreola was murdered by Aurora police officer(s).   Mr. Arreola’s brother, claims that he has no idea as to why his brother was being investigated.  Mr. Arreola was just arriving at his mother’s house to pick up his 3 year old daughter.  As more details surface, the sketchier this incident becomes.

Again our condolences to the family

Man Killed By Aurora Police Last Night

The Denver Post is reporting that a man was killed by Undercover police in Aurora last night.  The article claims the man was armed and under surveillance for drug suspicions.  The killing occurred on the 1400 block of Macon Street.

9news is reporting that one single officer shot the victim.  That officer has been placed on paid Admin Leave pending the investigation.  This is a common practice in most law enforcement agencies, except for Denver PD and Denver Sheriff’s Department.   No names have yet been released.  According to 9news, “Police say the vice and narcotics officers followed the man to the location and were told over their radio that the man was armed. The man started approaching the officers, for an unknown reason, and that is when shots were fired, according to police.”  This reeks of suspicion.  Was the man actually approaching the officers with a gun in hand, or did he just happen to be armed?   We will post updates as the come in.  Our condolences go out to the family of the victim.

Location here

Another Denver Man Dead at the Hands of the Jakes

The Denver popo killed another unarmed Denver man yesterday. At around one a.m. on July 28, near the corner of Louisiana and Federal, two po-lice gunned down a man that they claim was “armed” with a toy handgun. The details are still sketchy at best, but apparently someone called the dispatch to report a man with a gun. The po knew what they were looking for and what they would encounter. Po-lice spokesman John White claims that when the po-lice pulled up to the  men, they “repeatedly gave commands” for them to get down. However, according to the Denver Post, an eyewitness named Larry Trujillo, claims that he heard no verbal exchange between the men or officers before the shooting. Trujillo claims to have seen one of the men reach for his waist and pull out what “looked like a real gun.” Well, we all know what happens next, five to seven shots and the unidentified man is dead. I’m not gonna say too much more about this incident because the details just aren’t there, but it sounds like some contradictory bullshit. We’ll keep you up.

Commerce City Man Murdered By Police

Literally, damn near every got damn day I review the local papers something like this comes up.

“Police fired on a car in Commerce City early Thursday morning, killing a man they described as an “escaped felon” and wounding a woman who was with him.” (Denver Post).

I don’t give a fuck if he is a felon.  I don’t give a fuck if he had a warrant.  Now, he’s just another dead man at the hands of the police.  And the woman, what’s her so called fault for getting shot by the police.  Is the officer that fired on her going to face charges?

The Post reports that, “They tracked him to the trailer park based on a vehicle that was associated with the suspect.”  Okay shocking, trailer park, safe to assume poor folk.  You think if some white-collar, thief of the people, who lives in Highlands Ranch and has a warrant would get murdered? Shiiiiiiiieeeet.

Like always West Denver CopWatch will keep you posted