Pig-Dog Bites Wrong Man in Aurora

On Saturday afternoon in Aurora, near Boston Street and East Colfax a man was bitten by a police dog from the K9 unit. The attack was a result of a foot chase, however the man that was bitten, Juan Ramirez, was working next to his taco stand and had nothing to do with the pursuit. It was an issue of him being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now, this type of shit does happen and it is fucking bullshit. Mr. Ramirez should definitely call an attorney because I seem to recall an incident in Lakewood a few years ago in which a man was attacked by a police dog and received a hefty sum from the city.

The legacy of dogs being used by law enforcement is both graphic and brutal. The Spanish devils used them in slaughtering the indigenous of this land, the Nazi scum used them on the Jews in the concentration camps of Europe, and today American law enforcement uses them to assist in the systematic oppression of keeping the status quo as is. Dogs should be used for many things, however I feel fairly certain that they should not be used for brutalizing citizens, particularly ones that haven’t done anything wrong.