Another Piglet fired

The Denver Post is reporting that Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia has terminated Detective Kenneth Briggle.  Briggle was a detective within the Traffic Unit.   Apparently, Briggle was found guilty of contempt of court during divorce proceedings…hilarious.  Still is curious though that this will get you fired, but cowardice pigs like the murderers of Marvin Booker remain on duty.  WTF?

By the way, Briggle is in our database.  He was known for having one of the greatest stashes on the force.  It will be missed.  By last count with Briggle gone that means 5 down and 1195 to go.  Keep ’em coming Garcia (disclaimer, we in no way support or are impressed with Garcia, rather he is just another tio thomas.)

So long Briggle, your mustashe will not be forgotten

Actual Charges Against Amelia Nichol

Courtesy of Denver Anarchist Black Cross

According to the formal charging document in Amelia Nicol’s case, these are the current charges against her:

-Two counts of attempted murder (Felony 2)

-Use of explosives (Felony 2)

-Possession of explosives (Felony 4)

– Second-degree arson (Felony 4)

– Criminal mischief (Felony 4)

– Inciting a riot (Felony 5)

– Two counts of attempted third degree assault (Misdemeanor 2)

– Resisting arrest (Misdemeanor 2)

This is such fucking bull shit.   A fucking fire cracker, that’s right, we are talking about  some black cats, sparklers, child play shit.  These do not translate into a fucking molotov.  And what is the fucking proof that Amelia did any damn thing.  I’ll tell you what, for being the most violent gang in Denver, the DPD are a bunch of dirty lil’ cowards.  Claiming attempted murder over a fucking alleged black cat.  Shieeeeeeeeeeet.

For clarification:

This is what it looks like when cops are hit with molotovs. Greece I would Assume

This is what a sparkler looks like

Denver has paid 10 million dollars in Settlement money since 2002

ACLU has figured that Denver has paid out 10 million dollars in settlements concerning police misconduct since 2002.

Denver Deputy Sheriff Anne Kelly Charged with Assualt

The Denver Post is reporting that Denver Deputy Sheriff Anne Kelly has been issued with a summons charging her with 3rd degree assault.  Apparently, she slapped an “uncooperative DUI arrestee at the County Jail.”

I am not anti  deputy Kelly being arrested for slapping an inmate, but I am shocked.  How is that 5 deputies from the same agency murdered Marvin Booker, yet none of them were even terminiated, let alone crimminally charged.  WTF.

Drunk Popo Endangering Our Streets

Alcohol and cops are a scary combination.  Over the past 2 years we have reported on several instance of drunks ass pigs doing crazy shit.  Read here.

We have another one for the list.  The Westword is reporting that Denver Police Sergeant Phillip Newton was arrested  on Monday night following a car crash and was consequently charged with a DUI.

Turns out that Sgt. Newton was arrested for a DUI in Aurora in 2004. Read here

Newton faces a 16-42 day suspension.  It is unclear if it is a paid suspension.

Courtesy of Westword

ACLU Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Jason Kemp

The ACLU is reporting that they filed a lawsuit on behalf of Jason Kemp.  Kemp was murdered execution style in the summer of 2010 by Colorado State Patrol men.  Kemp refused to allow officers to enter his Grand Junction home with out a warrant.  In turn, Kemp was murdered in cold blood.

Glad to see the ballin’ ass lawyers at the ACLU are handling this case.

Our deepest condolences to the Kemp family.

Jason Kemp


Last Saturday night, the west side was flooded with yuppies and richies attending the U2 concert at Invesco field.  The area just so happens to be WDCW’s strong hold.  The next morning we were receiving calls from residents with what we thought was some sensationalized shit.  A cop ran over another cop.  Well, turns out it is true.  I’m sorry but I can’t stop chuckling.

Apparently, an officer that was directing traffic was badly injured when he was run over by a police cruiser that was transporting a prisoner.  No names have been released, but there is a good shot  the “victim” is in our database considering we have a solid chunk of DPD traffic cops.  For other Stoopid cop moments click here.