Bring Copwatch To Your Hood!

Want to do Copwatch in your neighborhood? Contact us at to schedule a workshop or training! It’s easy and free!

Phone # 720-369-2741!/WDenverCopWatch


  1. yo, i’m pretty sure i’ve met some of ya’ll. even been in my house up here in n. philly (the shoe store) i want to get cop watch poppin on th block up here this summer. so if any ya’ll comin thru let me know and i’d love to pick yer brain a litle. if not over the internet i guess. im going to friend request you on face book — Tre Vino

  2. This is Tyler Lopez@7News.
    Can you call me at 720-427-3610?
    We’re doing a story today/Mon at 5:00 PM on new use of force guideliknes for Denver Police.
    Wanted to see what your thoughts are.

    Thanks, Tyler

    • The Media has to do their part as well, by telling stories of abuse from police.

  3. Hey all
    with West Denver Cop Watch.
    really need u to contact me
    at 720-366-6811.
    where the hell were u guys when
    my family was abused by Denver District 1,
    who else right?
    We were attacked by Dist 1
    January 27,2009.
    at 1200 block and Stuart St.
    and now they r harrassing a friend
    that lives at the same block.
    contact me asap.
    Thank you.

  4. Good work DCW! I don’t know how well cop watch would work down here because daily life is almost entirely vehicle based and there is almost no foot traffic.
    -Your friendly neighbor an hour south in the Springs.

  5. South Carolina has a long history of pig abuse. Columbia is my hood n i’d luv to see yall upset these piggies down here!

  6. Very interesting site. Somebody has to hold these bad cops accountable!

  7. Hey, I love what your organization is doing. Their is a dire need for the street level observance here in Larimer county. Any guidance or tutelage would be greatly appreciated. The grass roots unrest here is synonymous with the occupy movements. were mad as hell, and were not taking it anymore! Thank you.

  8. Everyone keep an eye on the former Arapahoe County “hero” Sheriff Sullivan – now busted for dealing meth and soliciting prostitution in exhange for the meth. Recognized for his “bravery” by the President years back when he busted through a fence during a police chase. Of course, now we know that he was probably hopped up on meth. Point being, I am new to all of this, as are many of us, and am just now waking up and I’ve had enough. Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Dept. think they have their own set of laws and that going after little single mommies in my case, that have never done anything wrong, and letting criminals go, is just fine. They are absolutley sickening and this is coming from a former police supporter/conservative/patriot. I am awake and finally fighting back. Sooo glad to see this is out there. I had no idea.

  9. Please come to the corner of zeta and 4th Ave in golden. Its almost unbelievable to see how government traffic picks up when one girl goes home. Insane, hiding in grass trees and on rooftops. Or even how the car gets boxed in everywhere, and honestly don’t know why. Never did anything major as in crime and has dabbled in self medicating but to have a 10 to 30 perhaps tail is outrageous

    • Way too many cops and way too much government over their in Jefferson county. Have you seen their temple/church of state county government building?

      People, government is a cancer on mankind. A blight if you will that should be eradicated completely. Anarchy or self-rule as oppossed to monarchy (oligarchy, etc.) is much more appealing to me than a clubbed master who will beat you down to inch of your life, or kill you, for nothing . . . for a paycheck . . . so that he can live and you can die.

      How much more proof do you need people. The po-po is an armed military-style organized criminal enterprise. Who and what are they protecting? Not you or any of us unless you belong to the bureaucracy.

      No, the po-po are actually protecting the attornies and black-robbed attornies who are the administrators of the system that is robbing you blind literally at gun-point when and as required. The po-po are also protecting their own livelihoods as well as the money-lenders/system.

      Thanks for being aware and stepping up our survival efforts. I appreciated the organizers of this site for providing a forum for accountability for the armed militant whack-jobs masquerading as government – a con job.

  10. Woodbury, New Jersey needs CopWatch.

  11. Look in the eyes of this cops. Thats the eyes from bad people. Thats eyes from the real criminals.
    I wished we had that in Germany…. very good website. ;.-)

    • The sooner people began to realise the cops are the real criminals, the sooner we can eradicate their kind, or alternately and preferrable with minimal casualties, effect a change in their mind-set, the better for all of us.

      Ultimately we thinkers that are watching need to convince them that there are consequences for their actions.

      . . . and because we know there is very little if any accountability in the system for abusive pond-scum of humanity calling themselves law enforcement officers. . . we must bring the accountability to fruition. Cameras are one weapon. When it comes to survival in a condition of war, I can think of a few more.

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