Denver Pigs Cry Over Mild Accountability: A Reportback From Pig Press Conference 7/5/11

Denver, CO

Yesterday, ex-pigs, wanna-be-pigs, and pig look a-likes banded together to whine and complain to the press about certain po-lice being fired for miscellaneous beatings, murders, assaults, and the general abuse of their supposed authority. About 20-25 retired pigs gathered in the parking lot of South High School, surrounded by various Denver media, Copwatchers, anti-police folk, and fuck-the-policers, in order to voice their concerns over the growing anti-police movement that has taken this city by storm.

Although the 12 brutal fucking pigs that were fired this year are still walking the streets, instead of rotting in prison where any other person would have gone for beating or murdering a person in OUR communities; these pigs still feel its necessary to take steps to ensure that their asses are safe, and that their position of unabashed authority continues to reign on these streets. As a dozen pigs and one Manager of Safety (Malatesta) have been fired over the past year, 7 terminated by the current Manager of Safety, Charlie Garcia, these pigs are claiming that they’re “AFRAID” to do their jobs.

This was the overall message of the pig press conference, a plea to let them have full, uninhibited authority in the streets, freedom to beat, murder, rape, and pillage our communities without reprisal. This was exactly Ex-Police Chief (for 1 year) Jim Collier’s message yesterday, surrounded by the Denver media. Collier claimed that “the best arrests that I ever made [as an officer]… was on my own intuition, something didn’t look right, pat someone down, and here’s a weapon”. Unfortunately the pigs are NOT allowed to simply search a person based on their own ‘intuition’, because ‘something didn’t look right’, and that is exactly why these pigs are whining, they don’t have free authority to do whatever they want, whenever they want. They can’t just shoot, maim, injure, or assault people without the possibility that they MIGHT be fired; so now they’re refusing to do their jobs, setting up an ultimatum – ‘let us do whatever we want, or we won’t do anything’. Collier claimed that he in fact thought that the good people of Denver were “less safe” because of the insecurities of these pigs; when in reality we’re not safe with these pigs on the streets; as these pigs have harassed, beaten, and murdered countless members of our communities for centuries. Collier is also calling for the termination of the Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia; to be replaced no doubt by someone of his (or other similar pigs) choosing, therefore ensuring the ongoing reign of unabashed police violence continues unchecked; this in combination with a plea to Mayor-elect Michael Hancock to take matters into this own hands: basically calling for him to fire the current Manager of Safety Garcia.

Luckily, local Copwatchers, angry citizens, and anti-policers were there to make sure OUR voices were heard as well. The press was distracted, fliers were distributed, and banners were unfurled with slogans like, “Law Enforcement End Your War Against The People”. Although these pigs were hoping only the press and few old retired pigs would show, rest-assured, the pigs won’t just gain unchecked sympathy. If ordinary, peaceful protests can’t go on without interference from the po-lice; then the police won’t have press conferences and rallies without us! FUCK THE POLICE, FUCK COLLIER, AND FUCK GARCIA TOO. You’ll get no sympathy from us mother fuckers…

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