Charley Garcia Resigns

Yesterday, Boss Hancock announced the resignation of Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia. This marks the fifth manager of safety in the past 13 months.  Garcia is being replaced for the time being by Deputy Manger of Safety Ashley Kilroy.  Now, Garcia was truly a piece of shit.  He denounced any real wrong doing in the murder of Marvin Booker.   That being said, of all the steaming heaps of shit that have occupied the manager’s of safety office, Charlie was the smallest pile and the least steamy.  It was under his short lived tenure that we sawthe termination of  a handful of DPD officers.

Garcia was despised by the rank and file, the police union, and the retried police association.  Hancock’s move leads us to believe that whoever the next permanent Manager of Safety will be is going to be another enormous heaping pile of rotten feces.

And another one…

Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia has continued his lil crusade against lying cops by terminating another Denver police officer.  Yesterday, Garcia terminated Detective Jay Estrada.  According to the Denver Post,  Garcia terminated Estrada for “mishandling information in the case of a pregnant woman who lost her baby in a hit-and- run accident.”  Apparently, in December 2010, Laurie Gorham Sherlock was crossing the street in her Stapleton neighborhood when she was run over.  Estrada was involved in the investigation and neglected to follow up on a tip he received.  He the lied to Internal Affairs.  Now he has been fired and the  rank-and-file and the union is probably up- in-arms.  Boy do they hate Charlie Garcia.  The infighting is glorious…

Former Detective Jay Estrada

According to our complicated calculations, with Estrada gone, that means 6 down and 1194 to go.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed.  The common thread here is that these officers were caught lying.  Clearly, Garcia does not give a fuck about officers and/or deputies that kill people, such as Sgt. Carrie Rodriguez and deputies James Grimes, Faun Gomez, Kenneth Robinette and Kyle Sharp, who are the murderers of Marvin Booker.  Or crazy motha fuckers like officer Shawn Miller that repeatedly assault the most vulnerable of citizens.

Even in instances such as when Officers Randy Murr, Devin Sparks, and Ricky Nixon were terminated it was not due to their atrocious and brutal behavior.  Nor was it due to the fact that they lied.  Rather it was because they were caught lying.  Garcia ain’t fooling us, and unless he disbands the entire police department and allows citizen and community based approaches to policing, separated from the state, I will continue to not be impressed.  Clearly, this will not happen anytime soon nor would it be a process in which the state willingly relinquishes power.

On that note here are some videos to go on and rile people up.

Another Piglet fired

The Denver Post is reporting that Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia has terminated Detective Kenneth Briggle.  Briggle was a detective within the Traffic Unit.   Apparently, Briggle was found guilty of contempt of court during divorce proceedings…hilarious.  Still is curious though that this will get you fired, but cowardice pigs like the murderers of Marvin Booker remain on duty.  WTF?

By the way, Briggle is in our database.  He was known for having one of the greatest stashes on the force.  It will be missed.  By last count with Briggle gone that means 5 down and 1195 to go.  Keep ’em coming Garcia (disclaimer, we in no way support or are impressed with Garcia, rather he is just another tio thomas.)

So long Briggle, your mustashe will not be forgotten

2 DPD Officers are Suspended in Unrelated Incidents

The Denver Post is reporting that newly appointed Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia has suspended Sgt. Kenneth Johnson for 30 days and Detective Michael Lemmons for 90 days.  Both men have been suspended without pay.  Sgt. Johnson has been placed on suspension regarding an April 20, 2011 incident in which he apparently punched and jumped on a man for jaywalking.  According to the post, Lemmons has been suspended for, “driving under the influence, and [he] fined him two days pay for prohibited use of a weapon.”

Now, we are sort of impressed with Garcia’s attempt to “clean house,” however this entire department is full of bad apples.  Like we said before, 4 down, 2 in limbo, and 1196ish to go.