Video from O15 Denver

yeah, guess what, the cops aren’t on our side

Chief Gerald Whitman “Grand Wizard” of the DPD is now in the database, count it suckas

Chief Gerald Whitman “Grand Wizard” of the DPD


Also, we happened across an interview with City Councilman and mayoral candidate Doug Linkhart. Now, by no means do we endorse candidates within the electoral process, however if you happen to be a democrat you may want to vote for him.

New Video

Check out this interview that occurred between a Copwatcher and Aurora Lt. Scott Torpen. The interview was unexpected. Hope y’all enjoy.


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New Video!!!

Check out the new film from the monthly rally and Vigil at the ICE Detention center in Aurora, CO.  See the magnitude of the fascist facility and the beauty of the people.

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New Video

CopWatching on the 16th street mall.  This film reveals both a Lt. and the actual operation rule verifying that, “upon request from any persons, officers shall provide their names, badge numbers, and unit assignments, either in writing or by presenting a business card.” (Section RR 129) Despite this, several officers from the District 6 motorcycle unit have refused to give their cards, no matter, we will get their info, we are some patient and persistent folk.

See video here

New Video from May Day March

Our newest video from the May Day festivities.  Got some great words from Shareef Aleem, as well as our usual coverage of po-lice activities.  See all our videos here.  Check back soon for a couple more videos and new additions to the database.  The streets are watchin’!

New Video! Copwatch at the Protest Against the Racist Arizona Law

West Denver Copwatch keepin an eye on the pigs at the protest against the racist law against persons of color in Arizona, at the capitol in Denver, Colorado. In the video 2 Copwatch reps get detained for jaywalking, blatant harassment for being in Copwatch, and young people of color coming together against racism.

New Video! Rally For Higher Education!

Colorado gathered at Auraria campus to march on the capitol in order to ensure that funding would not be cut from higher education programs around the state. They invited West Denver Copwatch to attend and make sure the pig$ didn’t step outta line!

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