The Denver Post has an article today that claims 511 police officers have been killed by firearms since 2000.   Unfortunately there is no statistics regarding how many innocent souls the police have killed since 2000.  Even more unfortunate is that these statistics seem damn near impossible to find.  Hell, we are struggling to even figure out the exacts statistics of Denver law enforcement agency killings.

Marvin Bookler slain by Denver Sherif Deputies on July 9, 2010

The article seems to have an undertone that guns are the problems.  It also makes clear that whenever violence goes up the latter of hierarchy, rather than the natural downward trend, i.e. cops killing poor people of color, it is a big fucking deal.

Now, I think it is safe to say that as long as pigs have guns and the state violently infringes on our rights, it is essential that the people are also armed.  This is not to say that communities that face the brunt of gun violence are not capable of making their own decisions regarding gun control, however it is a hell of a lot easier for the police to harass, intimidate, oppress, and murder when communities don’t have armed protection.  Lets think back here.  Gun control exists because former Governor Ronald Regan enacted laws limiting the accessibility of guns for black people in the hood, specifically the Black Panthers.  He did this, because like always, the biggest threat to the system is oppressed people organizing, becoming self reliant, and arming themselves.  So instead of giving a shit about 500 dead ass cops in ten years, lets talk some real shit.

Pigs with guns