Rally Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!! (8/29/10)

This was passed to us by the attorney’s of Marvin Booker’s family.

There will be a Press Conference and Community Rally tonight at 7:00 p.m. regarding the Denver District Attorney’s decision to not bring any criminal charges against anyone arising out of the homicide at the hands of 5 Denver County Deputy Sheriffs of Marvin Louis Booker in the Denver Jail on July 9, 2010.  Members of Mr. Booker’s family and legal team and members of the Community will speak in reaction to DA Morrissey’s decision to drop the case, and in reaction to the City’s refusal to provide any of the evidence documenting the homicide to the family or to the community.  Please join us if you can.

The Rally/Press Conference will be held at Shorter AME Church, 3100 Richard Allen Court, Denver, CO 80205.

Unfortunately, Not Surprising

It has been reported that Denver DA Mitch Morrissey will not pursue any criminal charges against the deputies that murdered Marvin Booker.  Wow, the pigs with the brief-cases and suits have decided that they are not going to charge the murderous pigs that killed Marvin Booker, shocking.  This only further proves that our system is completely fucked.

From a purely investigatory standpoint this should be an open and shut case.  Firstly, the so called incident, is caught on video tape, thus the DA should know exactly who committed the crime.  Secondly, the Coroner ruled Mr. Booker’s death as a homicide.  Put two-and–two together and…You get no charges.  This is seriously a horrific joke.

Mr. Booker was slain by Denver deputies.  Even in death, he continues to not be worthy of justice.  This is outrageous, appalling, and at the same time telling.  Black bodies are expendable and when the perpetrators of the murder are clear, there are no charges.

Demanding the termination of Mitch Morrissey, Boss Hick, Gary Wilson (Director of Corrections), Chief Whitman, and the imprisonment of the five murderous deputies is no longer enough.  They will just be replaced with more of the same.  It is time we begin to ponder alternatives to this atrocious system and build the infrastructure we need so that when this shit occurs we have our own ways of obtaining justice.

DA Mitch Morrissey’s Official Decision here

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Back in March of this year, dumb ass State Po-trol officer David Dolan was driving around in his souped up pomobile, in full uniform, strapped to the gills with weapons and uh, drunk as shit (.194 BAC to be exact). After many citizen complaints for erratic driving, Dolan was finally tracked down, pulled over and arrested by his fellow gangstas in blue. Just yesterday he received a ten day stint in jail from a C-Springs judge, as well as a $1,500 fine and 65 hours of community service. Amazingly, Dolan was actually fired from the force on June 2nd for this incident, but it won’t be surprising when Dolan ends up in another Colorado gang. This guy got fired for a DUI, sheeeit, he should have no problem finding a place on DPD where you can beat the living fuck out of people for no reason and be back on the force within a couple of weeks, days, hours…

19 More PoPo for the Database!!!!!!!!!!

Officer Michael Pineda

Officer Robert Southern

Officer Dan Giles

Sgt. Jeffrey P. Kolts

Officer E. Golladay

Sgt. Al Shell

Commander Tony Lopez

Division Chief David Quinones

Officer Vincent Parnitsupoun

Officer Nathan Beiriger

Officer Ronald Joey Helm

Officer Dan McIntosh

Sgt. Joseph D. Unser

Officer Adam Giggey

Officer Adam Golden

Sgt. Thomas “T.J.” Sherwood

Officer Lex Jorge

Officer Joey A. Gasca

Officer Humberto C. Marquez


A new law suit has been filed against Denver Police Officer Abbegayle Dorn.  According to reports, Rohit Mukherjee along with his friends were attending a party on April 10, 2010, at an apartment downtown.

The party however was disrupted by Denver Police officers.  Mr. Mukherjee claims that Officer Dorn entered the apartment, pinned his neck against the door, threw him on the ground, dragged him along the floor, and stood on his ankles.  The complaint also claims that officers twisted Mukherjee’s fingers as they questioned him, kneed him in the head and smashed his face into the wall as they walked him out, while taunting him (Denver Post).

Some of the attendees took video and pictures with their phones, however Officer Dorn confiscated the phones and put them in boiling water.  7 people were arrested, however all charges have been dismissed.

A side Note:

Abbegayle Dorn was on American Gladiator back in 2008.  She looks like a steroided out pig.

Interestingly, her best friend and fellow law woman, Vicki Ferrari was also a contestant.  Additionally, Ms. Ferrari is also being sued due to excessive force.  In her bio for the show it states Vicki, “Nicknamed “Pitbull” by the guys at the precinct,  is charming and easygoing with a lightning-quick temper.  She is best friends with contender and police officer Abbe Dorn.” Citation

All jokes aside, the gender of a pig does not matter.  Once you put on the gangs colors of the DPD ones gender, race, and ethnicity is no longer a factor.  Your identity is first and foremost a pig.

Denver Pigs, the Worst in the Nation

According to our friends at the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project (NPMSRP), since January,  more police officers have been accused of excessive force in Denver than in any other city, including Detroit, New Orleans, New York, and LA.

This report, comes after Head Pig, Chief Whitman, claims that Denver has some of the lowest excessive force stats in the country.

Now, the NPMSRP claims that Denver’s rate of Excessive Force is  2,531 per 100,000, which is over 10x higher than the national average Excessive Force Rate of 210 per 100,000.

These stats are alarming.  We thank the NPMSRP for diligent work.

Please be careful out there, these streets are dangerous, and the pigs are violent as fuck.



Denver stats

Westword article

NEW VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Booker Family Press Conference 9/9/10

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Report Back on Press Conference

The press conference went very well. Thanks to everyone that made it. Mayor Hick actually attended. He gave some old bull shit, political posturing, jack-a-lope answers. Meaning he didn’t say anything, however for us, we support the needs and demands of the family. Footage from the press conference will be up this evening.

Here are the stories from the fucking main stream media here.



Firstly, apologies for the short notice, however this is urgent and just came together.

Marvin Booker was murdered exactly 2 months ago while in custody at the Denver City Jail by Denver Sheriffs’ deputies. Marvin Booker’s family, including his father and brothers, have returned to Denver to demand answers regarding the brutal murder. The family, along with their attorneys, are meeting with Mayor Hickenlooper today.

Following the meeting there will be a press conference.

Join the Family for a press conference and to Demand Justice for Marvin Booker

When: Today, September 9th @ 2:00 pm

Where: The steps of the Denver City and County Building @ 1437 Bannock St.

Bring your love, prayers, and rage
in solidarity,

NEW VIDEO!!!!!!! ICE Detention Center Fast/Vigil

Reminder: TODAY (September 6, 2010) @ 6ish the monthly Rally at the ICE detention center is going down.  Be there!!!!!!!!!!!