7 Down and 1193 to Go

Hot Damn.  Charlie Garcia has issued termination papers for Robert Fitzgibbons.  According to the Denver Post, Former Officer Fitzgibbons is being terminated for “failing to obey departmental rules after he used unauthorized military ammunition in a confrontation that left an innocent bystander wounded.”   Apparently, Officer Robert “crazy fool” Fitzgibbons began to open fire with his his .223-caliber Smith & Wesson filled with hollow points outside club vinyl.  The police are claiming that a patron outside the club pointed and fired a weapon at officer Fitzgibbons.  Fitzy returned fire and a hollow point bullet ricocheted and struck an innocent bystander.  The bystander survived the injuries s/he endured as a result of reckless policing.  Of course, DA Mitch Morrissey is not filing criminal charges against Fitzy.  Read his decision here.

Hilariously, this comes 1 day after a group of retired DPD officers held a rally calling for the appointment of a new Manager of Safety.  Gripping pigs.  Keep ’em coming Garcia we are keeping track.  We have several ideas who should be next .


  1. Ironically, the hollow point ammunition used by the officer was meant to reduce the change of bystander injury, because they fragment easily when they hit things like walls.

    He was fired because they found 2 rounds of military tracer ammunition in the bottom of the 30rd magazine. No military ammunition was shot at the suspect or injured a bystander. The practice of using tracer rounds at the bottom of the mag is to serve as a warning to reload, if the officer sees the tracer coming out, he knows he’s needing to reload.

    Military ammunition may have some kind of bad connotation, but it should be noted that military ammo is meant to be less-lethal than hunting ammunition. By the Geneva convention no pre-fragmented or hollowpoint or exposed lead (soft point) ammunition can be used by the armed forces who are party to the treaty. This ammunition was standard ammo with a tracer pill at the base, no more lethal or harmful than non-tracer.

    The round that actually wounded the bystander was the department issused and approved hollowpoint, which is, as I understand NOT hollowpoint ammunition at all (thanks to the uneducated journalists and lawyers out there who ALWAYS try to demonize ammunition) but what is known as Hornady TAP (tactical application, police) and has a polymer tip that is meant to spread the bullet underneath, like a wedge to act like hollowpoint, but is not actually hollowpoint.

    My feeling is the officer will be reinstated, since the unauthorized ammunition did not have any role in the wounding of the innocent bystander. It was a stupid firing that was fueled by the motivation of “somebody’s gotta pay” attitudes.

    • Absolutely 100 percent right.

      But there are ALWAYS political ramifications. The victim may be ignorant enough to believe that the wounding could have been prevented if only … (fill in the blank with any fallacy that comes to mind) Citing the butterfly effect, of course. Cop haters dont need a real reason, and there can be many, to hate any particular cop – so mollifying that particular faction is politically important, so that someone can get re-elected by citing their support for this action.

  2. @Jim

    What is your source for “they found 2 rounds of military tracer ammunition in the bottom of the 30rd magazine … the unauthorized ammunition did not have any role in the wounding of the innocent bystander.”?

    According to p. 3 of the DA’s decision letter at




    two spent Lake City tracer cartridge casings were recovered at the scene, and eight more found unfired in the mag.

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