Sullivan You Fucking Piece of Shit: Another Pig Gets Off Easy

Yesterday, National Sheriff’s Association’s 2001 Sheriff of the Year Patrick Sullivan pleaded guilty to charges of felony possession of methamphetamine, and a misdemeanor soliciting prostitution. 69 year old Sullivan will serve 30 days in the jail named after him, and pay a fine of $1,100.

This decision comes less than a month after Timothy Faase, the man who dealt Sullivan the meth, plead guilty and received 3 years in prison, for possession and intent to distribute. Faase’s sentence is closer to the traditional sentencing for charges of this nature, although it’s about 12 times more than ex-pig but still a pig Sullivan’s sentence of just 30 days.

Now on to our mother fucking opinion (this is blog after all) –

Firstly, Faase pretty much had the same drug charges against him that Sullivan did – in fact, both were charged with possession of methamphetamine, but as Faase was charged with ‘intent to distribute’, while Sullivan was originally charged with distribution (since he did after-all distribute meth, while soliciting prostitution). On top of that, Sullivan also was being charged with soliciting prostitution, a misdemeanor. So, while Faase got 3 years for having and selling meth, Sullivan got 30-days for having meth, and ‘trading’ it for sex, or more exactly: for exploiting drug users for their addiction. Furthermore, Faase was only arrested because during the ‘sting’ operation on Sullivan, they followed the dumb-fucking pig to Faase’s (his dealer) house. So even the allocation of resources to these individuals’ investigations aren’t comparable to their cases or sentences. So what’s the difference between the two cases? Why was Sullivan, although charged with even more heinous crimes, let off with only 30 days jail-time? Oh ya, because he’s a fucking pig, and yet again we learn that pigs are above the law. They can murder people day-in and day-out without ANY repercussions, they can rape, steal, beat, harass, and arrest us, but when we want them arrested and charged with crimes that they’re guilty of committing what is the response? Oh ya: Rape=No Time; Murder=No Time; Buying Meth and Exploiting Addicts for Sex=30 Days…

Even more ridiculous, is the fact that this piece of shit was the “Head of Security for Cherry Creek Public Schools” for 6 years! And when asked whether he ever “had sex with a minor” AKA ‘raped a child’, he said that “he could not tell them yes or no because he was under the influence of meth during those encounters”, or in plain terms ‘he didn’t remember cuz he was fucked up on meth’… Colorado Deputy Attorney General Michael Dougherty testified that “he may very well have had sex with underage individuals” (Denver Post). Ummm he may very well have?! Did you fucking investigate it? How about ask the kids from Cherry Creek Public Schools?! On top of that, the pigs who arrested the heinous pig, found ‘suspicious’ nude images of persons who might be minors on Sullivan’s computer, but with no evidence to back it.

Lastly, in order to keep this shorter than my usual rants, I’d like to also highlight the fact noted by the Denver Post that:

“The felony meth charge carried a presumptive sentence of a year in jail and, with aggravating factors, could have meant as much as three years behind bars. But it was ultimately left up to the discretion of the judge.”

So really, this goes to my first point, that Sullivan should have really gotten at least 1-year, if not 3 – but got 3 months in jail. I wish sooo bad that your piece-of-shit pig ass was headed to PRISON for a year, hell even just 3 months… Now WDC does not, in any way,

support prisons in any way, in fact just the opposite. But I could only hope that Sullivan himself would face the life of a 69-year old ex-sheriff locked-up… Having to actually sit with persons who are more sick and fed up with these fucking pigs than anyone, with no control, no gun on his hip? I guess this is just wishful thinking… Anyways, at least he’ll be in jail for 30 days, that’s more than I can say for a lot of pig fucking murderers… It’s better than nothing!


Read more:Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan pleads guilty in meth-for-sex case – The Denver Post
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Denver Post Faase Article:

Drunk Pig Hits Telephone Pole Appeals Suspension

According to reports, almost 2-YEARS ago, off-duty pig Michael Lemmons was riding his motorcycle home at around 1:30 AM, when he inexplicably ran into a pole. “Lemmons suffered a head injury and broke every bone between his shoulder and hip on his right side, said Cpl. Danny Dunn, a member of the DUI unit.”

Dunn alleges that he smelled “a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath” and “refused twice to take a blood test”. “Dunn then filled out a criminal summons and complaint against Lemmons… But the Denver district attorney’s office refused to prosecute”

Furthermore, as Lemmons refused to take a blood test (twice) to confirm that he was driving under the influence of alcohol, he should have received an automatic suspension of his drivers license. Although Lemmons did NOT have his driver’s license suspended because the other pig: Dunn, “didn’t receive a subpoena or a notice that it was scheduled and didn’t know about” the DMV hearing.

Now drunk pig Lemmons is appealing his 92-day suspension for “drunk and careless driving”.

There is so much wrong with this situation that I don’t know where to start! First-off, why would the DA not prosecute any person who drove into a pole at 1:30 in the morning, smelling of alcohol (from the testament of a pig, who’s word is obviously holier than thou’s in any courtroom in the US), and refusing to take 2 blood tests?! Clearly, because he’s a pig, he gets this privileged treatment, benefit of the doubt, whatever you want to call this clear preferential treatment.

Secondly, Dunn…. what the fuck – you didn’t know about the hearing?! Sounds a little suspect in my opinion. I’m guessing that either the notice didn’t get to him on purpose, he decided (or was persuaded) not to go because of this bullshit pig brotherhood shit, or because he’s just plain dumb.

Thirdly, how have you not served a suspension already for an incident that happened 2 YEARS ago?! Shouldn’t that have come into effect yet?

Lastly, and most importantly – the Pig Grand Wizard shells out 92-day suspensions for alleged DUI’s but not for MURDER?!


Read more:Denver cop appealing suspension contends he wasn’t drunk – The Denver Post
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Update on Drunk Littering Pigs

Both Aurora officers Gerald Kirbyand and Bradley Bickett have resigned in the wake of being arrested in Wyoming for alcohol, traffic, and littering violations.  Read below post for background

Drunk Pigs Littering

The Denver Post is reporting that a Wyoming Sheriff’s deputy pulled over an Aurora Police Cruiser that was speeding on route to Rapid City, SD.  Aurora officer Bradley Bickett failed a road side sobriety test and had a BAC level of .07.  He was charged with a DWAI.  His passenger, Gerald Kirby was cited for littering after he had thrown beer cans out of the squad car.

The officers were on their way to Rapid City for the funeral of a Police officer that was killed on August 4.  Apparently, from what we hear, Rapid City police are racist as fuck and are constantly terrorizing the Indian communities that reside in the city.   Its like we always say, you can only push a man so far before he snaps.   It is truly scary to imagine the reaction that Police are going have  to this incident and the further pain they will inflict on the Indian community as a whole.  Just one year ago an Indian man was shot five times and killed in Rapid City.

Drunk Popo Endangering Our Streets

Alcohol and cops are a scary combination.  Over the past 2 years we have reported on several instance of drunks ass pigs doing crazy shit.  Read here.

We have another one for the list.  The Westword is reporting that Denver Police Sergeant Phillip Newton was arrested  on Monday night following a car crash and was consequently charged with a DUI.

Turns out that Sgt. Newton was arrested for a DUI in Aurora in 2004. Read here

Newton faces a 16-42 day suspension.  It is unclear if it is a paid suspension.

Courtesy of Westword

2 DPD Officers are Suspended in Unrelated Incidents

The Denver Post is reporting that newly appointed Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia has suspended Sgt. Kenneth Johnson for 30 days and Detective Michael Lemmons for 90 days.  Both men have been suspended without pay.  Sgt. Johnson has been placed on suspension regarding an April 20, 2011 incident in which he apparently punched and jumped on a man for jaywalking.  According to the post, Lemmons has been suspended for, “driving under the influence, and [he] fined him two days pay for prohibited use of a weapon.”

Now, we are sort of impressed with Garcia’s attempt to “clean house,” however this entire department is full of bad apples.  Like we said before, 4 down, 2 in limbo, and 1196ish to go.

Aurora Police Department Terminate Drunk Ass Pig

The Denver Post is reporting that Aurora Police department has fired officer Marc Christopher Sears.  Sears was found guilty of a DUI after crashing his motorcycle in Parker on May 24, 2009.  He was an officer since 2004.  Shortly before his DUI conviction, Sears crashed his SUV into a pole and was issued a DUI that was later dismissed.  One less drunk ass pig off the street, but we all know there are many more.

For past posts on drunk pigs click here and here.


Back in March of this year, dumb ass State Po-trol officer David Dolan was driving around in his souped up pomobile, in full uniform, strapped to the gills with weapons and uh, drunk as shit (.194 BAC to be exact). After many citizen complaints for erratic driving, Dolan was finally tracked down, pulled over and arrested by his fellow gangstas in blue. Just yesterday he received a ten day stint in jail from a C-Springs judge, as well as a $1,500 fine and 65 hours of community service. Amazingly, Dolan was actually fired from the force on June 2nd for this incident, but it won’t be surprising when Dolan ends up in another Colorado gang. This guy got fired for a DUI, sheeeit, he should have no problem finding a place on DPD where you can beat the living fuck out of people for no reason and be back on the force within a couple of weeks, days, hours…

Shocking, Pigs are drunks

According the Denver Post the ineffectual Office of Independent Monitor (OIM) has found that an officer who remains nameless has violated a pledge to refrain from drinking. Richard Rosenthal of the OIM claims that the officer in question consumes 13 drinks a day. Apparently, this specific drunk ass pig has been having domestic issues which are embarrassing for the department so they had him give a vow of sobriety and shockingly he has broken the vow. Shit, if a citizen drinks on the job we get fired, if police do, they take a vow. Interestingly, as the Denver Post article points out, Rosenthal for the first time in five years feels that the Internal Affairs investigation regarding this matter was insufficient. Funny how he’s okay with hundreds of complaints of brutality, but a drunk just doesn’t go down right for this moral entrepreneur.

This officer is clearly not the only popo that has a drinking issue, or hell maybe its the same pig.    Remember the state patrolman David Dolan that got booked on DUI charges in the end of March. For more info on Dolan click here:

There are very serious issues at hand. We all know that alcohol can lead to violence particularly with people, like the police, that are already prone to violence. It is scary to think about a drunk pig running around our streets strapped to the gill. Furthermore, there is a long history of armed state apparatuses using alcohol as a crutch for committing horrific acts of genocide and brutality. Remember Sand Creek. Most of those pieces of shit murders were drunk on whiskey.

Be safe out there people. Its bad enough to have crazy ass popo running around, but drunk ones too, lord have mercy.

Trooper’s BAC level more than double legal limit

By Jace Larson


POSTED: 03/26/2010 04:02:01 PM MDT

UPDATED: 03/26/2010 04:06:07 PM MDT

David Dolan (Colorado State Patrol | )

The Colorado State Patrol trooper arrested in his patrol car on allegations he was drinking while on the job had a blood alcohol level of .194, according to an arrest record reviewed by 9Wants to Know.

Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies arrested David Dolan, 48, after pulling him over at Platte Canyon and C-470 around 7:05 a.m. Monday, shortly after a Douglas County deputy spotted his car driving westbound on C-470 at Santa Fe.

The deputy who pulled Dolan over said he could “smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from inside the state patrol vehicle.”

Following his arrest, Dolan was brought to a sheriff’s office substation where he agreed to take a “walk and turn” test that helps officers determine whether someone is intoxicated.

“He was not able to keep his balance and stepped off the line two times,” the arresting officer wrote.

Dolan then chose to take a breath test and blew a .194, a level more than double the .08 legal limit.

Read the rest of this report at

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