We are a group of individuals who come together in order to attempt to make the police accountable for their actions by videotaping police encounters in the streets.  We predominantly work in the West Denver area, but also are in cooperation with Aurora Copwatch along with other Copwatch organizations around the Metro Area.  

Police are consistently traumatizing and occupying our communities. Something as simple as a video camera, a pen and a pad of paper can significantly help deter the police from violating our community members’ rights.  We collect footage that both holds the police accountable and informs the people of their abuse of power.

Crucial in combatting police abuses is understanding and knowing your rights. However, in no way can this guarantee that violations will still not occur.  We strive to educate the people on their own individual rights and apply them in dealing with close encounters of the po-lice-kind.

By documenting police and collaborating with our communities we can help to establish alternatives to the violent ways of police-folk.  We as communities are more than capable of operating without the presence of a violent occupier that is armed to the teeth and is the most violent gang cruising our streets. 

We encourage every community to establish their own Copwatch in their hood.  The streets are watching!

-West Denver Copwatch



  1. Thanks to this!

    I was assaulted by 3 officers downtown on Oct 27, 2007. I have taken them to court and trial for these three officers starts on May 5, 2010.

    I have fought to have my felony charges dropped and look forward to my day in court. I want to hear them explain how 750 lbs of police were needed to subdue me: all 160 lbs of it. Utter crap what these people call policing.

    I have started a blog here:

    • wanted to get in touch with you my name is lendell ashley, there are so many lies and alot of things the news and police left out. on fox31 news there is a witness who video tape and says they start hitting and taseing him than said stop resisting. i have his cornors report there was no drugs in his system but thc. i would like to email it to you and you post it. pls get back wit me.

  2. I would love to see the Colorado Indy Media Collective (COIMC) site on your links section. The address is http://colorado.indymedia.org/ I would also love to see you guys post an announcement about the site on COIMC. I would also like to extend my congradualtions on a well constructed site this is really good and I want you to know that COIMC stands ready to help you in any way we can. Thanks for the good work you do.

    Phillip Reynes

  3. Hell Yeah, I´m proud as hell to be affiliated with such huge bosses to throw up this website. A big hug of solidarity, mi compas

  4. Very Nice! I just friended you guys on Facebook. I moved out here from California but now live in Colorado Springs. Next time we are up in Denver we will hit you up.

  5. Has anyone ever been burnt by Denver Cops as they had hand cuffs on? I was huddled by Denver Cops as one of them burnt me with a device. If anyone knows of anything happening like this I’m looking for you. jptopnotch@aol.com

  6. I noticed a larger number of thumbs down than thumbs up, critical to ratings. Apparently the anti-peace and anti-justice people are well aware of that.

    So I thumbs-upped all the comments.
    James, I was tasered while strapped in a chair in Teller County. They get a little crazy with that, and the gas, and doping their victims with “psychiatric” drugs, to demonstrate to the Unlearned that the people they harmed are “crazy” and not to be believed.

    A kid in McKinney Texas was charged with Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon for setting off a tear gas canister in his hood, and tried as an Adult. That carries a potential life sentence.

    Colorado Springs police filed two robbery charges involving Tasers, which they described in the findings as “Deadly Weapons”

    Iraq Veterans Against the War Member Scott Olsen was shot in the head with a plastic bullet the other night, fractured his skull. He’s still in the hospital.

    The people who make Tasers say their product is tested safe for children as young as two years. That means they have some sick bastards working for their company who actually tasered babies.

    OR that they’re simply lying about testing it.

    • Jonah, I experienced a similar experience while under false arrest and false imprisonment. Don’t eat the food. In my specific case, I believe they dopped the food maybe the salad dressing with a truth serum/chemical concoction (sorcery) which had me answering their questions when I clearly told them the whole time, I am being falsley imprisoned and demand to be released at once.

      Remember folks, if and when you find yourself in their clutches, your captors are at war with you and are using your body as a commodity. They are essentially trafficking in human flesh. This whole modern “society” as they call it, is really fucked up.

  7. Here is a new article I saw re: the importance of copwatch. Not sure if y’all have seen it yet – http://theglobaljournal.net/article/view/643/

  8. Hello,
    I am looking for anyone who has been beat up, hog tied, tasered, face rubbed into gravel, etc after being restrained by Adams County Colorado cops. I am in need of others to come forward. I have filed two complaints with Sheriff Darr, Undersheriff Engelsman and Internal Affairs. I am filing a report with ACLU and I need more people. Anyone out there been abused by an Adams County Sheriff????


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