Wed Night: Film Screening: Do the Right Thing (A pre O22 event)

In the buildup to this year’s demonstration against police terrorism on October 22 (the International Day Against Police Brutality, O22), there will be a series of events aimed at educating and preparing people for O22.

The kick-off event will be a free film screening of Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” on Wednesday August 31 at 7pm at the 27 Social Centre.

Free Movie! Free Popcorn! Free Soda! Free Amelia, Funk, and Jesse! (three comrades currently facing charges for participating in local anti-police demonstrations)

Do the Right Thing follows the unfolding racial tension in Bedford-Stuyvesant as it explodes into an urban uprising. Come join us in the first of many events building up to O22 this year.


Wednesday, August 31 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm

27 Social Centre

2727 W. 27th Ave Unit D
Denver, Colorado

Thornton Police Shoot a Man Yesterday Evening

9 news is reporting that police shot a man in Thornton after he charged them with a knife.  The media is claiming that the Thornton police were called to a house on 100th ave and Downing street concerning a domestic issue.  Apparently, police attempted to tase the man, but it did not operate properly and ended up shooting him three times.  The man’s fate remains unknown.  There is not enough information out there to make any sort of analysis about this incident, however we all know that the media and the police are not trustworthy sources.  We will keep you posted

DPD officers Handcuff an 8 Year old Autistic Boy

Fox 31 News is reporting that an 8 year old autistic boy was hand cuffed and transported to Denver Children’s Hospital after he suffered an “outburst” on the school bus.  He was then placed on a mental heath hold.  The boy’s father Donald said, “It’s humiliating and it’s inhumane…  If you’re going to tell me that ten adults can’t handle a 40 or 50 pound child, then there’s something wrong.  He didn’t need to be in handcuffs.”

Of course DPD is claiming that they followed appropriate procedures.  Our condolences to the family for having to deal with such a traumatizing and unnecessary ordeal.  For the DPD its just another random act of brutality.

See video here

Legal Updates on Arestees from Anti-Police Demonstrations

Our friends over at Denver Anarchist Black Cross have updates on the legal situations for the folks that have been arrested during the wave of anti-police marches.

It’s been more than a month since a demonstration commemorating the year anniversary of the murder of homeless street preacher Marvin Booker resulted in the arrest of three protesters. All three have attended court in the last few weeks, bringing about new updates in the context of anti-policing struggles in Denver.

The first person arrested that day turned out to be a minor and was released after a short period of detention. He had no prior criminal record and was given a deferred sentence on the condition that he completes anger management courses. There is an obvious irony in all of this: While a person who is upset about the police’s indiscriminate and brutal violence against people in this city is required to take classes to “manage their emotions,” the cops that murdered Marvin Booker were never required to take anything of the sort. Those who deal out beatings or fly off the handle towards mere traffic violation witnesses throughout Denver never found themselves being patronized by some “sensitivity coordinator.”  Read the rest here

Check out videos from the last few marches

Update on Drunk Littering Pigs

Both Aurora officers Gerald Kirbyand and Bradley Bickett have resigned in the wake of being arrested in Wyoming for alcohol, traffic, and littering violations.  Read below post for background

Drunk Pigs Littering

The Denver Post is reporting that a Wyoming Sheriff’s deputy pulled over an Aurora Police Cruiser that was speeding on route to Rapid City, SD.  Aurora officer Bradley Bickett failed a road side sobriety test and had a BAC level of .07.  He was charged with a DWAI.  His passenger, Gerald Kirby was cited for littering after he had thrown beer cans out of the squad car.

The officers were on their way to Rapid City for the funeral of a Police officer that was killed on August 4.  Apparently, from what we hear, Rapid City police are racist as fuck and are constantly terrorizing the Indian communities that reside in the city.   Its like we always say, you can only push a man so far before he snaps.   It is truly scary to imagine the reaction that Police are going have  to this incident and the further pain they will inflict on the Indian community as a whole.  Just one year ago an Indian man was shot five times and killed in Rapid City.

2 More Pig Perverts Plead Guilty

On Monday, August 8th two Denver Sheriff’s Deputies plead guilty to SEXUALLY ASSAULTING CHILDREN!!! These cases were completely unrelated, other than the fact that they involved Denver Sheriff’s Deputies sexually assaulting young children, and both being in court on the same day.

One of these shitty pervert fucks, 59-year old Mark Davis, who worked as a Denver Sheriff’s Deputy for 14 years, spent 5 of those years sexually assualting both a 12-year old boy (from August 2002 to June 2006) and an 8-year old boy (from June 2010 to September 2010). This fuck is serving a max sentence, rightfully so; and although the DPD has stated that his past as a child molester hasn’t had anything to do with his job as a fucking pig, we tend to disagree. Don’t forget about the Chomo who was also the safety manager at one of our public schools.

The other shitty fucking pervert, Denver Sheriff’s Deputy Brennon Lonergan (36-years old) faces only 6 years (max) in prison after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a CHILD.


KGNU Metro Radio Interview

A couple of us were interviewed yesterday on the radio concerning West Denver Copwatch and police brutality.  Click here to listen to the show and hit the play on button for 8/1/2011