Stupidest Pig In Colorado Faces Criminal Charges

It turns out that Deputy John Ortega, who holds the ultra competitive title of stupidest pig in Colorado, faces criminal charges of child abuse in connection with taseing 34 kids during a job fair in Lake County.  Ortega is so gotdamn stupid that he was out maneuvered by students.  Now, I don’t want to take away from the brilliance of the youth, however as an adult, especially an authoritative adult, Ortega should have been able to use some common-fucking-sense and tell the kids that tasing them is probably not a good idea.

Apparently if convicted he could earn himself up to 27 years in prison.  Now, we at West Denver Copwatch are appalled by the prison system and advocate for the abolition of this form of modern day slavery, but one does have to admit that whenever a police officer is sent to the cage it is not only hilarious it is also poetic justice in an unjust society.  We will continue to keep you posted.

Lake County Child Tasing Deputy Resigns

The Denver Post is reporting that Lake County Sherriff’s Deputy John Ortega has resigned after taseing 30 kids during a jobs fair in Leadville.  Now this is so goddamn ridiculous I don’t even know where to begin.  My main concern is if there are going to be criminal charges brought against this piece of shit.  Also if this gutless fool has the moxie to tase kids at their school who else has he brutalized?

As of recent we have heard several stories about both the Lake County Sherriff’s Department and the Leadville Police Department.  Both have had several claims regarding brutality issues.  There has also been an ongoing feud between the Sherriff’s department and the Fire Department, hilarious; ones gotta love the infighting amongst the state.  All the hilarity aside, apparently, the small mountain town of Leadville is not immune to the brutality of the police.

Shocking, Pigs are drunks

According the Denver Post the ineffectual Office of Independent Monitor (OIM) has found that an officer who remains nameless has violated a pledge to refrain from drinking. Richard Rosenthal of the OIM claims that the officer in question consumes 13 drinks a day. Apparently, this specific drunk ass pig has been having domestic issues which are embarrassing for the department so they had him give a vow of sobriety and shockingly he has broken the vow. Shit, if a citizen drinks on the job we get fired, if police do, they take a vow. Interestingly, as the Denver Post article points out, Rosenthal for the first time in five years feels that the Internal Affairs investigation regarding this matter was insufficient. Funny how he’s okay with hundreds of complaints of brutality, but a drunk just doesn’t go down right for this moral entrepreneur.

This officer is clearly not the only popo that has a drinking issue, or hell maybe its the same pig.    Remember the state patrolman David Dolan that got booked on DUI charges in the end of March. For more info on Dolan click here:

There are very serious issues at hand. We all know that alcohol can lead to violence particularly with people, like the police, that are already prone to violence. It is scary to think about a drunk pig running around our streets strapped to the gill. Furthermore, there is a long history of armed state apparatuses using alcohol as a crutch for committing horrific acts of genocide and brutality. Remember Sand Creek. Most of those pieces of shit murders were drunk on whiskey.

Be safe out there people. Its bad enough to have crazy ass popo running around, but drunk ones too, lord have mercy.

Gang Unit Added to Database!

The pig gang unit in Denver is a very critical branch of the po-department. The department claims to have 41 armed officers that not only brutalize persons of color, but subjugate and harass our youth on a daily basis, claiming that evidence of ‘gang activity’ gives them the right to do so; when in fact children are simply being profiled as teenagers and people of color. As these pigs claim that they are minimizing “the influence of ‘criminal’ street gangs”, through the “Identification of Gang Grafitti”, they continue to terrorize our communities and youth, as members of one of the largest gangs in the world: THE POLICE!

-Originally formed in 1988 as a ‘tactical motorcycle unit’, this gang in blue eventually evolved into Denver’s very own gang unit, with officers also trained in crowd control and crowd management at large scale events and protests (IE: the Democratic National Convention in 2008). The picture above is of a t-shirt distributed by the Denver police union which reads: “We get up early to BEAT the crowds, 2008 DNC”, with a menacing looking pig on the front, baton in hand, ready to beat protesters. This is indicative of the gang unit’s mentality (who focus on crowd control as well as ‘gang’ activity) as well as pigs in general, as it signifies their disturbingly violent demeanor and their gang-like ruthlessness as an oppressive satelite in our communities.

Check Out the Gang Bureau Pigs Here!

For more information vist

2 New Pigs on the List!

Auraria pigs who refused to give a Copwatch rep their card (which is required of all officers on the force) at the Higher Education Rally (as seen in the Rally for Higher Ed Video):

Sergeant Robert Barela


Officer Jerry Lara

Have been added to the database! Check em out and leave info or feedback if you have any! Thanks.

New Video! Rally For Higher Education!

Colorado gathered at Auraria campus to march on the capitol in order to ensure that funding would not be cut from higher education programs around the state. They invited West Denver Copwatch to attend and make sure the pig$ didn’t step outta line!

Dont forget to check out the other West Denver Copwatch vids HERE!

Walsenburg Pig Murders Man

So some racist ass police murdered a Chicano man in cold blood in Walsenburg on Easter Sunday.  Police arrived after a neighbor called them in response to a domestic dispute.  Police said that Armando Gallegos had a knife to his girlfriends neck however the family disputes this claim.  According to the Pueblo Chieftain, the pig that murdered Mr. Gallegos and the other piece of swine that was at the scene have both been put on administrative leave.  The bottom line is that lethal force was not needed in the matter and once again the police have murdered a man of color.  It does not matter if you are in Denver, Aurora, Pueblo, Greeley, or a small town like Walsenburg the police are wildly racist, brutal, and out of fucking control.  West Denver CopWatch will keep you posted on any further news regarding this situation.

Explaining Away The Abuse

This list which compares the excuses made by abusive men with documented excuses for police brutality from Our Enemies In Blue, by Kristian Williams (A stellar must read book) is useful in combating the piss poor excuses po-lice give for their actions.

1) Denial “I didn’t hit her”

“The professionalism and restraint displayed by the police officers, supervisors and commanders on the ‘front line’…was nothing short of outstanding”, “America does not have a human-rights problem”

2) Minimization “It was only a slap”

The injuries were “of minor nature”, “Police use force infrequently”

3) Blame “She asked for it”

“This guy isn’t Mr. Innocent Citizen, either. Not by a long shot”, “They died because they were criminals”

4) Redefinition “It was mutual combat”

“Resisting Arrest”, “The use of force is necessary to protect yourself”

5) Unintentionality “Things got out of hand”

“[O]fficers have no choice but to use deadly force against an assailant who is deliberately trying to kill them”

6) It’s over now “I’ll never do it again”

“We’re making changes”, “We will change our training; we will do everything in our power to make sure this never happens again”

7) It’s only a few men “Most men wouldn’t hurt a woman”

“A small proportion of officers are disproportionately involved in use-of-force incidents” “Even if we determine that the officers were out of line….it is an aberration”

8 ) Counterattack “She controls everything”

“The only thing they understand is physical force and pain”, “People make complaints to get out of trouble”

9) Competing victimization “Everybody is against men”

The police are “in constant danger”, “[L]iberals are prejudiced against police, much as many white police are biased against Negroes”, The police are “the most downtrodden, oppressed, dislocated minority in America”

Police also have the a 10th excuse, the “Hero Defense

“”The police routinely do what the rest of us don’t; They risk their lives to keep the peace. For that selfless bravery, they deserve glory, laud and honor”

“”The police create a sense of community that makes social life possible”

“They alone stand guard at the upstairs door of Hell”

Usually the po-lice will use a combination of these excuse for one lone incident. But the more we know about their kind and their ways, the better positioned we are in combating their abuses and lies.

Keep These “Ten Rules” in Mind When Dealing With the Piggies

The information provided in these videos is pretty on point and good standard practice when dealing with la policia.

Check em all out (it’s worth it), do more research on local laws and know your rights yall.

Hick Ass Police Tasering Kids

A Lake County sheriff’s deputy used a Taser on about 30 high school students Thursday morning during a career fair on the playground of Lake County High School in Leadville.

The Taser — a nonlethal weapon that administers an electric shock — was applied to the students’ legs, and some suffered burns of varying degrees. At least one student was treated for burns at the St. Vincent General Hospital emergency room in Leadville.

The hospital refused to comment on the number of students treated or the severity of the injuries.

Deputy John Ortega, who has been with the department since August 2008, was immediately suspended for one week without pay, Sheriff Ed Holte said.

District Attorney Mark Hurlbert dispatched investigators to the school to determine whether criminal charges should be filed.

School principal Cathy Beck said the students were offered the chance to be Tasered.

“We (the administration) had no idea this was going on,” Beck said. “This is very unfortunate. I’m sorry the sheriff’s office thought that it was appropriate. We don’t think it was appropriate.”

Beck said she has the names of 30 students who were Tasered. “I’m hoping it’s not more,” she said. “I’m not sure where we’re going with this. We’re leaving it up to the district attorney’s office.”

Holte said students asked Ortega whether he would use the Taser on them, but he declined. But then the students told Ortega they were willing to sign release forms and Ortega “foolishly agreed,” Holte said. The video on Ortega’s Taser showed 19 students being stunned.

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