Alexander Landau Update: City Council Awards $795k Settlement

The Denver Post is reporting that the Denver City Council met on Monday and is paying a $795k  settlement to Alexander Landau.  The amount is the largest payout in the citiy’s history concerning a beat down case.  It is safe to assume that that does not consider cases in which victims are murdered.

What is surprising about this is not only the significant amount of money, but also the quickness in which a settlement has been reached.  The Complaint was filed in January and they are already talking settlement.  Of course the money fails to address the systemic issues at hand, additionally, in no way can the payout repair the physical and psychological trauma.  That said, congrats to Mr. Landau.

Additionally, two of the 4 officers terminated by Charlie Garcia were involved in the beating of Landau.  Randy Murr was terminated for reasons related to the beating of Michael DeHerrera and Ricky Nixon was recently axed related to the beating of several women outside of the Denver Diner.  It should be noted that Nixon also killed a woman in 2006.

Video of Randy Nixon and Kevin Devine Beating, Macing, and Billy-Clubbing Innocent People

Two More Pigs Get Shit Canned

Manager of Safety Charley Garcia has shit canned two more Denver Police officers. From our calculations that is 4 down and about 1196 to go.

Officers Ricky Nixon and Kevin Devine have been terminated for violating the “Commission of a Deceptive Act,” meaning they lied.  Officers Nixon and Devine were caught on a HALO camera on July 12, 2009 beating, macing, and billy clubbing women and men outside of the Denver Diner.  It remains unclear if any lawsuits have been filed from the incident.  The officer’s must have lied during the internal investigation.  They were not terminated for the excessive force, rather they were terminated for lying about the incident.

Courtesy of CBS 4, Still image from a HALO Camera

Check out the video footage, as reported by CBS 4 news, here

Unfortunately, we are unable to find the video on youtube, so let us know if you see it floating around

Ricky Nixon is the same pig that was involved in the brutal beating of Alexander Landau.  He also killed a man in 2006.

Check this out

Westword’s featured article is an in depth look at the beating of Alexander Landau by the hands of DPD.  We highly recommend checking it out here

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Also, here is a video of Alex breaking it down in his own words here

Update on Beating of Alexander Landau

After a tad bit of research we have discovered that one of the officers involved, Officer Ricky Nixon, killed a man in 2006.  Of course he was cleared of any wrong doing, nonetheless it appears that Nixon has a pattern of brutality.  Read the bull shit Public Statement by the Safety Manager regarding the shooting incident here

Alexander Landau


The Westword has a great article about another incident of brutality perpetrated by the Denver Police Department.  A complaint was filed in federal court yesterday detailing an incident in which Alexander Landau was pulled over in a routine traffic stop.  After refusing to allow the officers to search his truck without a warrant the officers decided to beat him to a bloody pulp.  Officers Randy Murr, Ricky Nixon and Tiffany Middleton punched him and kicked him for several minutes.  The article reports that officers stated,  “Where’s that warrant now, you fucking nigger?”

Read the full Complaint here

After beating Mr. Landau the officers conspired to slap some bull shit charges on him as an attempt to justify their actions.  This is common practice.   It is also worth noting that officer Randy Murr is one of the accused officers in the Michael Deherra beating.

These racist, brutal, motherless pigs are too much.

Image of Mr. Landau after beating