Alexander Landau Update: City Council Awards $795k Settlement

The Denver Post is reporting that the Denver City Council met on Monday and is paying a $795k  settlement to Alexander Landau.  The amount is the largest payout in the citiy’s history concerning a beat down case.  It is safe to assume that that does not consider cases in which victims are murdered.

What is surprising about this is not only the significant amount of money, but also the quickness in which a settlement has been reached.  The Complaint was filed in January and they are already talking settlement.  Of course the money fails to address the systemic issues at hand, additionally, in no way can the payout repair the physical and psychological trauma.  That said, congrats to Mr. Landau.

Additionally, two of the 4 officers terminated by Charlie Garcia were involved in the beating of Landau.  Randy Murr was terminated for reasons related to the beating of Michael DeHerrera and Ricky Nixon was recently axed related to the beating of several women outside of the Denver Diner.  It should be noted that Nixon also killed a woman in 2006.

2 DPD Officers are Suspended in Unrelated Incidents

The Denver Post is reporting that newly appointed Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia has suspended Sgt. Kenneth Johnson for 30 days and Detective Michael Lemmons for 90 days.  Both men have been suspended without pay.  Sgt. Johnson has been placed on suspension regarding an April 20, 2011 incident in which he apparently punched and jumped on a man for jaywalking.  According to the post, Lemmons has been suspended for, “driving under the influence, and [he] fined him two days pay for prohibited use of a weapon.”

Now, we are sort of impressed with Garcia’s attempt to “clean house,” however this entire department is full of bad apples.  Like we said before, 4 down, 2 in limbo, and 1196ish to go.

Event Discussing Anti-Police Organizing in the Pacific North West

Our dear friends at Denver Anarchist Black Cross are hosting an event tonight in which activists from the Pacific North West will be discussing and presenting on anti-police organizing in their own communities.  Shit seems to pop off in Seattle and we in Denver could probably stand to learn something.

The event is located at the 27 Social Centre:

2727 W 27th Ave Unit D @ 7:30 pm

HALO Camera Locations By District

We just came across this gem on the DPD’s website.  It is a listing of all HALO cameras located in Denver, broken up by District.  We will be doing more with this in the upcoming weeks.  Here is a pdf of the same list: HALO-Cam_List_by_Dist

Check out our past coverage about HALO Here


A viewer turned us on to a website we had not yet heard about. We have linked it on our site and can also be seen here.  The site is and it is the real deal.  They feature stories, articles, maps, podcasts, and much more.  It appears that they focus on the coasts, but I think it is good for us mountain folk to know whats going down in the rest of the county.  Props Cop Block.

Video of Randy Nixon and Kevin Devine Beating, Macing, and Billy-Clubbing Innocent People

Two More Pigs Get Shit Canned

Manager of Safety Charley Garcia has shit canned two more Denver Police officers. From our calculations that is 4 down and about 1196 to go.

Officers Ricky Nixon and Kevin Devine have been terminated for violating the “Commission of a Deceptive Act,” meaning they lied.  Officers Nixon and Devine were caught on a HALO camera on July 12, 2009 beating, macing, and billy clubbing women and men outside of the Denver Diner.  It remains unclear if any lawsuits have been filed from the incident.  The officer’s must have lied during the internal investigation.  They were not terminated for the excessive force, rather they were terminated for lying about the incident.

Courtesy of CBS 4, Still image from a HALO Camera

Check out the video footage, as reported by CBS 4 news, here

Unfortunately, we are unable to find the video on youtube, so let us know if you see it floating around

Ricky Nixon is the same pig that was involved in the brutal beating of Alexander Landau.  He also killed a man in 2006.

Report Back on The Mayoral Forum

Last nights Mayoral Forum was well attended and copwatch was there in force. The most positive component that we took from the event was the fact that issues related to excessive force and police brutality hit the main stream. That said, the event was a clear example of political posturing and the ridiculousness behind electoral politics. The candidates knew who their targeted audience was and catered their responses appropriately. And guess what, we’d didn’t buy into it. Past mayors have made promises of reform and have failed to deliver and it is safe to say that the next mayor of Denver will do much of the same.

There was a consensus amongst the candidates that Chief Whitman will no longer be the grand wizard of the DPD, however no satisfactory alternatives were explored. The current system is so entrenched in brutality that it is safe to assume that no matter who the mayor is or who the new Chief will be people are still going to be brutalized by police, simply put there is no way around it. Sorry to be so grim, but that is the reality. Until communities take the matters into their own hands these atrocities will continue.

If interested, check out full coverage from the forum here

Video streaming by Ustream


The good folks at ACLU have set up a live stream of tonight’s event. It is set to begin at 6 oclock, so please tune in on the website if you are unable to attend in person

Online video chat by Ustream

TODAY!!!!!!!!!!Denver Mayoral Forum: Police Accountability

Today, April 7, 2011 @ 6:00 pm @ the Central Presbyterian Church, 1660 Sherman Street, The ACLU of Colorado and the Colorado chapter of the National Lawyers Guild will be hosting a 2 hour mayoral forum regarding police accountability.

Now, WDCW does not endorse any of the candidates, in fact we do not endorse any system that allows these brutalities to exist.  That said, it is still worth knowing the platforms of the future mayor of Denver.  Additionally, it makes sense for the struggle to take on a multi-pronged approach.  Considering this, we will be tableing at the event.  We encourage everyone to attend.

Mayoral Forum-Flier

Image courtesy of ACLU-CO