Vietnam Vet Killed by Police in Evans

Evans is a town bordering Greeley to the South.  The other day the SWAT team killed Kenneth Yeager, a 60 year old Veteran, who suffered from PTSD ever since his discharge.  Mr. Yeager got into an altercation with staff in a truck stop and was told to leave.  The Greeley Tribune reports that, “He may have fired shots at the cafe, and police were called again. SWAT teams officers tried to talk Yeager out of his car in the parking lot for more than two hours. Then, he pointed his gun at the police, and he was shot and killed.”  Firstly, I don’t believe anything the police say so I discount anything related to their claims.  Secondly, why the hell could this not have been handled in a way that did not result in a man being killed.  I understand that this fella may have had some crazy in him, however that should not be a death warrant.  Mr. Yeager survived Vietnam, but unfortunately perished by the hands of Colorado Police.