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Amongst the ranks of the Denver Police Department there is a common theme of officers that ignore, neglect, and choose to violate people’s civil rights on a daily occurrence. This is a problem from the top down. Among the worst of a department that is full of “bad apples,” is Officer Shawn Miller, Badge No. 05134, District 6. Officer Miller earns the title as the most cowardice thug within the department. Officer Miller’s rap sheet is appalling. It includes, but is not limited to, assaulting a small town man enjoying a night out on the town, beating a disabled Iraqi war veteran to the point that he required resuscitation, and most recently, assaulting a blind woman. Officer Miller’s actions are inexcusable. He preys on the most vulnerable. Miller is thug to the truest definition. He has received no discipline of any substance. He still “patrols” the same district and continues to terrorize citizens. We move for the immediate termination of Officer Shawn Miller, anything less is unsatisfactory.


Turns out that one of the officers involved with an incident in which a disabled woman was assaulted by two officers is a career civil rights offender.  This motherless pig, Shawn Miller is currently being sued by two separate parties for claims involving excessive force.  My guess is he will be getting sued again.  How much shit does a Denver pig need to do before he is fired?  Is the police union that fucking strong?  How much more evidence does the DPD need in order to demonstrate that this is a pattern within the department?

The other suits involve officer Miller tackling and beating a man for apparently attempting to question Officer Miller’s awareness that he was about to get run over.  The other incident is extremely disturbing.  Officer Miller beat the shit out of an Iraq war veteran outside of his apartment for a noise ordinance.  The man was beaten so severely he had to be resuscitated.  Denver Civil Rights Attorney David Lane is handling both the suits.

Call out for the immediate termination of Shawn “motherless pig” Miller

Denver Pigs assualt Disabled Woman

7news is reporting that Doreen Salazar, a semi blind woman, was assaulted by Denver officers on November 29th of this year.  Ms. Salazar was getting her mail in the entrance to her apartment building when she heard banging on the door.  Ms. Salazar resides in an apartment complex that is for the elderly and disabled. Ms. Salazar informed the people knocking  that “management told me, if you are not here for me, I do not have to let you in.”  But according to surveillance video obtained by 7NEWS, Salazar, quickly opened the door for the officers at which point she went back to her mailbox to get her mail. That is when she said one officer started cursing at her.  Rather than thanks Ms. Salazar for letting them in, the officers (He) pulled (my left) arm, put it around it and smacked it (on the elevator door),” said Salazar. “With his free hand (he) slammed me into elevator door.”After that, she said the officer handcuffed her. Surveillance video shows Salazar being lead through the hallway into a patrol car in handcuffs. The video shows Salazar was in the patrol car for shortly over 10 minutes.