Legalize It: Chi-Town Eavesdropping Act Ruled Unconstitutional

A Victory for Copwatch

In a 12-page decision, Criminal Courts Judge Stanley Sacks ruled that the law [which essential made the videotaping of police (Copwatching) illegal] is too broad and potentially criminalizes ‘wholly innocent conduct.’ He cited as an example a parent recording her child’s soccer game and inadvertently capturing a conversation between two bystanders. ‘Although it is extremely unlikely that this doting parent would be charged with a felony offense, the fact remains that she could, thusly punishing innocent conduct,’ Sacks wrote.”

This ruling comes just weeks before thousands are expected to descend into Chi-town to protest the G8 & NATO meetings in May. Such a large mobilization of protesters (like those expected in Chicago), is routinely met by even larger occupying po-lice forces, shipped in from pig units around the country, armed with new, hi-tech gear, and itching to use it.

It is no surprise then that these large mobilizations and mass protests are often (if not always) met with rampant police misconduct, abuse, harassment, and violence. Therefore, it is almost essential that these persons are able to demonstrate their own rights – like the right of freedom of speech cited by Judge Stanley Sacks – in videotaping this rampant police misconduct and abuse, to at the very least document these atrocities without being further accosted by the pigs.

Although there is still little clarity on the Eavesdropping Law, as there are a multitude of cases, appeals, and further amendments to the current law still being examined.

Originally, the Illinois Eavesdropping Act made it a felony to record police interactions, carrying a sentence of up to 15 years in prison. Several cases since then have played out, and are continuing to play out in court, of which the decisions could have an enormous impact on the Eavesdropping Act. West Denver Copwatch has attempted to continually update our readers on those cases, but here’s an overview in case you missed it:

  • In August, a woman was acquitted of eavesdropping charges, after she testified that she only recorded the pigs because they were trying to ‘convince’ her not to file sexual harassment charges.
  • In September, Crawford County deemed the law unconstitutional, in a case in which a man was accused of recording a police interaction without permission. This case is being appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court.
  • Finally, we are still waiting for a ruling from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on a lawsuit filed by the ACLU, arguing that the law violates First Amendment rights.

Furthermore, Representative Elaine Nekritz (D) is attempting to pass a bill that would make it legal to video tape pigs in public and on duty.

Even dumb-fucking Supt. Garry McCarthy says he doesn’t object to the law, because he encourages persons to film his little piglets, especially at summits like the G8/NATO, as it shows how the dumb-fuck piggies really treat the protesters! Hahahaha, ya that’s a great idea – have you not heard of the payouts pigs hand to protesters for abuse? Want to pay us millions and encourage copwatching, fine by me! Oh ya and go ahead and take a look at Miami – FTAA Settlement.

Of course the Fraternal Order of Pigs (KKK) is against repealing the act as it “would have a chilling effect on witnesses’ coming forward to aid police and could create situations in which victims of crime are re-victimized by viral videos of their suffering.”

Please mother fuckers, you’re rarely there to stop a crime, and people aren’t video taping a ‘crime’, they’re video taping you mother fuckers. You’re the ones with cameras EVERYWHERE (<- Click here to view a map of all pig cameras in Chi-Town [for those of you going a little later this month!]) to catch these victims, and then you give it to the evening news. You stupid mother fuckers, what a dumb excuse, just admit you wanna beat people without reprisal, without a video camera taping your constant abuse and harassment; and what’s a better platform to harass, abuse, and beat folk than the G8/NATO Summits. TRY IT MOTHER FUCKERS – SEE YOU IN CHICAGO…


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Drunk Pig Hits Telephone Pole Appeals Suspension

According to reports, almost 2-YEARS ago, off-duty pig Michael Lemmons was riding his motorcycle home at around 1:30 AM, when he inexplicably ran into a pole. “Lemmons suffered a head injury and broke every bone between his shoulder and hip on his right side, said Cpl. Danny Dunn, a member of the DUI unit.”

Dunn alleges that he smelled “a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath” and “refused twice to take a blood test”. “Dunn then filled out a criminal summons and complaint against Lemmons… But the Denver district attorney’s office refused to prosecute”

Furthermore, as Lemmons refused to take a blood test (twice) to confirm that he was driving under the influence of alcohol, he should have received an automatic suspension of his drivers license. Although Lemmons did NOT have his driver’s license suspended because the other pig: Dunn, “didn’t receive a subpoena or a notice that it was scheduled and didn’t know about” the DMV hearing.

Now drunk pig Lemmons is appealing his 92-day suspension for “drunk and careless driving”.

There is so much wrong with this situation that I don’t know where to start! First-off, why would the DA not prosecute any person who drove into a pole at 1:30 in the morning, smelling of alcohol (from the testament of a pig, who’s word is obviously holier than thou’s in any courtroom in the US), and refusing to take 2 blood tests?! Clearly, because he’s a pig, he gets this privileged treatment, benefit of the doubt, whatever you want to call this clear preferential treatment.

Secondly, Dunn…. what the fuck – you didn’t know about the hearing?! Sounds a little suspect in my opinion. I’m guessing that either the notice didn’t get to him on purpose, he decided (or was persuaded) not to go because of this bullshit pig brotherhood shit, or because he’s just plain dumb.

Thirdly, how have you not served a suspension already for an incident that happened 2 YEARS ago?! Shouldn’t that have come into effect yet?

Lastly, and most importantly – the Pig Grand Wizard shells out 92-day suspensions for alleged DUI’s but not for MURDER?!


Read more:Denver cop appealing suspension contends he wasn’t drunk – The Denver Post
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Oh stoopid pigs are so stoopid

The Columbine Courier is reporting that Denver police detective Bret Starnes shot himself in the hand while examining his Smith and Wesson 9mm in his Jeffco bathroom.  The stoopid pig thought that he was dry firing, but it tuns out that he wasn’t.  Starnes is under the impression that the gun malfunctioned, but the only malfunction it appears, is that there was live ammo in his gun when he thought that there was none.  Jackass…

Here is a clip of a dumbass DEA shooting himself in the foot


Last Saturday night, the west side was flooded with yuppies and richies attending the U2 concert at Invesco field.  The area just so happens to be WDCW’s strong hold.  The next morning we were receiving calls from residents with what we thought was some sensationalized shit.  A cop ran over another cop.  Well, turns out it is true.  I’m sorry but I can’t stop chuckling.

Apparently, an officer that was directing traffic was badly injured when he was run over by a police cruiser that was transporting a prisoner.  No names have been released, but there is a good shot  the “victim” is in our database considering we have a solid chunk of DPD traffic cops.  For other Stoopid cop moments click here.


Stupidest Pig In Colorado Faces Criminal Charges

It turns out that Deputy John Ortega, who holds the ultra competitive title of stupidest pig in Colorado, faces criminal charges of child abuse in connection with taseing 34 kids during a job fair in Lake County.  Ortega is so gotdamn stupid that he was out maneuvered by students.  Now, I don’t want to take away from the brilliance of the youth, however as an adult, especially an authoritative adult, Ortega should have been able to use some common-fucking-sense and tell the kids that tasing them is probably not a good idea.

Apparently if convicted he could earn himself up to 27 years in prison.  Now, we at West Denver Copwatch are appalled by the prison system and advocate for the abolition of this form of modern day slavery, but one does have to admit that whenever a police officer is sent to the cage it is not only hilarious it is also poetic justice in an unjust society.  We will continue to keep you posted.

Lake County Child Tasing Deputy Resigns

The Denver Post is reporting that Lake County Sherriff’s Deputy John Ortega has resigned after taseing 30 kids during a jobs fair in Leadville.  Now this is so goddamn ridiculous I don’t even know where to begin.  My main concern is if there are going to be criminal charges brought against this piece of shit.  Also if this gutless fool has the moxie to tase kids at their school who else has he brutalized?

As of recent we have heard several stories about both the Lake County Sherriff’s Department and the Leadville Police Department.  Both have had several claims regarding brutality issues.  There has also been an ongoing feud between the Sherriff’s department and the Fire Department, hilarious; ones gotta love the infighting amongst the state.  All the hilarity aside, apparently, the small mountain town of Leadville is not immune to the brutality of the police.

Hick Ass Police Tasering Kids

A Lake County sheriff’s deputy used a Taser on about 30 high school students Thursday morning during a career fair on the playground of Lake County High School in Leadville.

The Taser — a nonlethal weapon that administers an electric shock — was applied to the students’ legs, and some suffered burns of varying degrees. At least one student was treated for burns at the St. Vincent General Hospital emergency room in Leadville.

The hospital refused to comment on the number of students treated or the severity of the injuries.

Deputy John Ortega, who has been with the department since August 2008, was immediately suspended for one week without pay, Sheriff Ed Holte said.

District Attorney Mark Hurlbert dispatched investigators to the school to determine whether criminal charges should be filed.

School principal Cathy Beck said the students were offered the chance to be Tasered.

“We (the administration) had no idea this was going on,” Beck said. “This is very unfortunate. I’m sorry the sheriff’s office thought that it was appropriate. We don’t think it was appropriate.”

Beck said she has the names of 30 students who were Tasered. “I’m hoping it’s not more,” she said. “I’m not sure where we’re going with this. We’re leaving it up to the district attorney’s office.”

Holte said students asked Ortega whether he would use the Taser on them, but he declined. But then the students told Ortega they were willing to sign release forms and Ortega “foolishly agreed,” Holte said. The video on Ortega’s Taser showed 19 students being stunned.

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