A Pig By Any Other Name

Officer Mike W. Morelock

Badge #: 05051

(720) 913-2931

The Denver Post has reported on the suspension of Mike Morelock during an investigation into use of excessive force.  Morelock has been in the Denver Police Department since 2006.  During his first two years alone “serving” our city, he got 21 claims of use of excessive force.  21 reported claims, in the first two years, that means if he kept on track he should be to about 84 claims by now, that is if he did not increase his intimidation tactics and violence to scare people from making complaints.  This only takes into account officially reported claims, which usually report only about 1/3 of actual abuses.  So it seems pretty obvious to anyone, that his pig is a violent motherfucker.

On Wednesday Denver resident Tyler Mustard filed a a federal lawsuit against the City and County of Denver, as well as Morelock and pig Kimberly Thompson.  Mustard was violently attacked by Morelock and Thompson for being suspected of spray painting a van.  As a result Mustard had head injuries and a collapsed lung, and shocker Morelock testified that Mustard had assaulted him first, quite obviously a lie and classic pig trick.  Just hours before Morelock attacked Mustard, he had been questioned by internal affairs about another use of excessive force complaint, in which Morelock broke his own car window to attempt to justify his criminal violent behavior.  This psycho pig is out of control and yet the investigation is into “use of excessive force” not “excessive use of force”, which means the state is investigating a single incident as being problematic, as opposed to the latter which means too much force in too many incidents.

Why is the state only looking at this one incident, when obviously this pig has a history of excessive use of force and has lied time and time again to protect himself or his fellow swine.  In addition Morelock plead guilty to DUI charges he got in February 2009 in Commerce City.  Oh and did I forget to mention, this fucker is on PAID suspension, so our hard earn dollars have paid him to brutalize our fellow citizens and continues to pay him to sit on his ass.  Fuck this pig, fuck the system that will most likely let him off and back on the streets.

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