Despicable: Devin Sparks and Randy Murr Reinstated

Officers Devin Sparks and Randy Murr have been reinstated with back pay following an announcement by the newest Manager of  Safety Ashley Kilroy.  Kilroy is not providing reasoning for the reinstatement.   Officers Murr and Sparks were fired in March of this year following the public outcry of the vicious beating of Michael DeHerrera.  9news quotes DeHerrera’s response by saying, “”I’m shocked, appalled, disappointed. We can’t believe it. There are knots in our stomachs. I guess we had it wrong. Denver police can do whatever they want to whomever they want and get away with it.”  It is high time the public as a whole realizes that the DPD operates with impunity and has a free reign to brutalize our community.


And another one…

Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia has continued his lil crusade against lying cops by terminating another Denver police officer.  Yesterday, Garcia terminated Detective Jay Estrada.  According to the Denver Post,  Garcia terminated Estrada for “mishandling information in the case of a pregnant woman who lost her baby in a hit-and- run accident.”  Apparently, in December 2010, Laurie Gorham Sherlock was crossing the street in her Stapleton neighborhood when she was run over.  Estrada was involved in the investigation and neglected to follow up on a tip he received.  He the lied to Internal Affairs.  Now he has been fired and the  rank-and-file and the union is probably up- in-arms.  Boy do they hate Charlie Garcia.  The infighting is glorious…

Former Detective Jay Estrada

According to our complicated calculations, with Estrada gone, that means 6 down and 1194 to go.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed.  The common thread here is that these officers were caught lying.  Clearly, Garcia does not give a fuck about officers and/or deputies that kill people, such as Sgt. Carrie Rodriguez and deputies James Grimes, Faun Gomez, Kenneth Robinette and Kyle Sharp, who are the murderers of Marvin Booker.  Or crazy motha fuckers like officer Shawn Miller that repeatedly assault the most vulnerable of citizens.

Even in instances such as when Officers Randy Murr, Devin Sparks, and Ricky Nixon were terminated it was not due to their atrocious and brutal behavior.  Nor was it due to the fact that they lied.  Rather it was because they were caught lying.  Garcia ain’t fooling us, and unless he disbands the entire police department and allows citizen and community based approaches to policing, separated from the state, I will continue to not be impressed.  Clearly, this will not happen anytime soon nor would it be a process in which the state willingly relinquishes power.

On that note here are some videos to go on and rile people up.

Alexander Landau Update: City Council Awards $795k Settlement

The Denver Post is reporting that the Denver City Council met on Monday and is paying a $795k  settlement to Alexander Landau.  The amount is the largest payout in the citiy’s history concerning a beat down case.  It is safe to assume that that does not consider cases in which victims are murdered.

What is surprising about this is not only the significant amount of money, but also the quickness in which a settlement has been reached.  The Complaint was filed in January and they are already talking settlement.  Of course the money fails to address the systemic issues at hand, additionally, in no way can the payout repair the physical and psychological trauma.  That said, congrats to Mr. Landau.

Additionally, two of the 4 officers terminated by Charlie Garcia were involved in the beating of Landau.  Randy Murr was terminated for reasons related to the beating of Michael DeHerrera and Ricky Nixon was recently axed related to the beating of several women outside of the Denver Diner.  It should be noted that Nixon also killed a woman in 2006.

Officially: Officer Devin Sparks and Cpl. Randy Murr have been terminated

Officially:  Officer Devin Sparks and Cpl. Randy Murr have been terminated today by the new Manager of Safety Charles GarciaGrand Wizard Whitman (soon to be former Grand Wizard Whitman) recommended their termination on March 16.

Sadly, it is too little too late.  The termination of Devin Sparks and Randy Murr is an attempt to provide the public with the perception that this is an isolated incident and that the department has rightfully punished the two officers.  Of course this is ridiculous and we are not going to be bamboozled.  The systemic brutality of the DPD is unacceptable and in no way should this be considered a legitimate form of justice.

It should be noted that the officers are not facing any criminal charges.  Apparently a video is not enough evidence to file criminal charges against a couple low level foot soldiers in Denver’s most dangerous gang.

Officer Sparks Recommended to be Fired!!!!!!!!!!!!

Officer Devin Sparks, the cowardly pig that viscously beat Michael DeHerrera has been recommended for termination by Chief Whitman.  ‘Bout fucking time and I can think of at least 30 more Denver pigs that need to get shit canned yesterday.  It is important to not consider this a step in the right direction because it really isn’t.  If Grand Wizard Whitman really gave a shit about cleaning up his department from the pandemic of rotten apples he would have done so immediately following the beating.  Instead, what we are witnessing is a disgraced chief attempting to salvage his career.  Whitman is on his way out.  The new mayor, no matter who it is, will not be keeping Whitman.  He is an embarrassment to city officials and costs the tax payers millions of dollars a year in law suit payouts.  This is just another one of Whitman’s political posturings and is an insufficient response about a year and a half to late.  Fuck Whitman, Fuck former officer Devin Sparks, and Fuck the police.

Manager of Safety Mary Malatesta Resigns

The Denver Post is reporting that Manager of Safety Mary Malatesta resigned today.  Ms. Malatesta’s resignation marks the third resignation of that post in the past year.  Malatesta became the Manager of Safety after Ron Perea resigned after the firestorm hit in regards to the Michael Deherrera beatings.  Supposedly, the Manager of Safety is investigating the Deherrera beating and the Marvin Booker homicide.

The position is a function of the greater problem and we can assume that it will be filled by another spineless jack-a-lope.  Its just a matter of the degree of shittyness the new Manager of Safety will be.

Al Lacabe, courtesy of Denver Post

Ron Perea, Courtesy of Westword

Mary Malatesta, Courtesy of Westword

So Stupid….

Westword had an article yesterday cornering the identification of a witness to the Michael DeHerrera beat down.  Also included is a segment of a DPD release:

Denver Police Looking to Identify Possible Witness

(Denver) The Denver Police Department is asking for your assistance in identifying the person in the attached photograph. This person may be a witness to a police arrest and use force that occurred shortly after midnight on April 4, 2009 in the area of 15th Street and Larimer Street. The photograph has been professionally enhanced in an effort to provide the best possible image for identification purposes. We are asking that the person in the photograph, or anyone who may know this persons identity, call the Denver Police Department, Internal Affairs Bureau, at 720-913-6019 or the Office of the Independent Monitor at 720-913-3306.

Hilarious.  Pigs are so worthless.  They would never be able to identify/charge a single fucking person without snitches.  Does anyone remember the Boodocks episode where Riley contemplates the legitimacy of snitching to the police on the police, hahaha.

We all know however that none of the officers involved are going to face criminal charges.  This is just a ploy to say that they are doing something.  Good luck finding this fella, you ole fucking biscuit heads.

This is all the evidence I need

Fuck the Police…and the Feds too

In the wake of the uproar experienced as a result of Denver Police officers excessive force misconduct, Boss Hick announced that he would bring in the FBI to review the police actions in the Michael DeHerrera and Shawn Johnson beat down(s).  Not surprisingly, the Feds have done nothing.  The Denver Post is reporting that, “Dave Joly, a spokesman for the FBI in Denver, said the investigation was halted to give Denver police a chance to complete their own review to decide if officers violated department policies.”  Of course this is not a surprise; nonetheless we must continue the pressure on a multi-pronged approach.

We all know that the Internal Affairs Bureau will do nothing, nor will the Ineffectual Independent Monitor, nor will the Fucking FBI.  These realities further demonstrate that the system is created to maintain itself, not to be just.  Throughout this country we rely on the same system that beats us, imprisons us, neglects us, murders us, and oppresses us, to then save us.  Shit is fucked.


Tio Tomas, Ron Perea Resigns

Ron Perea, who held the position of Safety Manager resigned today after outrage regarding his lack of response toward the vicious beatings of Michael Herrera, Shawn Johnson, and Mark Ashford. Also during his minute tenure was the murder of Marvin Booker by the hands of several Sheriff department deputies. Its a step, however we can assume that another like minded, system appeasing, jack-a-lope will be his replacement.

Denver Pigs Are out of Fucking Control and High Time People Realize It

West Denver CopWatch has kept our opinion minimal regarding the brutal beatings of Michael DeHerrera, however we must now lend our comments.  The Denver Police Department is fucking crazy, brutal, and needs to be dealt with.

Michael was viscously beaten for talking on the phone.  There are several components regarding this case that are extremely unsettling.  The most obvious being, why would the officers need to use such force for a situation that should not even warrant a response.  Secondly, what the fuck was his lawyer doing that resulted in him only getting a $17,500, that’s shameful in and of itself.  Thirdly, future Governor Hick, has requested that the FBI comes in.  Now, we are not in a position to comment on the political posturing involved with this move, however for us, it is nerve wrecking to even think about the FBI.  Basically, the DPD is a bunch of stupid ass, D student, thugs that are often times too dumb and unstable to even be able to deal with simple human interaction.  That said, the FBI bastards have money, intelligence, and the capabilities of murdering you and your and without even thinking twice on it and not having to face any retribution.  Let us not forget COINTELPRO.  There have also been concerns regarding the HALO camera that caught the beating.  Why the fuck does the camera zoom out when the majority of the brutality is occurring?  We have no answers on this. 

In the wake of the DeHerrera brouhaha a new video has surfaced that reveals 2 district six officer’s roughing up 32 year old Mark Ashford.  Apparently, Mr. Ashford had knocked on the squad car of officers John Diaz and Jeff Cook, who had pulled someone over for a traffic violation. Mark was attempting to clarify that the person they had pulled over had in fact, not run the red light.   The officers then detained, cuffed, and beat his ass. 

Furthermore, in the midst of the DPD being put on blast throughout the country, West Denver CopWatch wants to raise some concerns that have not been pondered by the main stream media.  Firstly, there has been talk and criticism regarding the new safety manager Ron (Tio Thomas) Perea’s failure to discipline officer’s Devin Sparks and Randy Murr.  Even the House Jew Rosenthal, has called for their discipline.  Let us be clear, we have no faith in the OIM, Safety Manger’s office, IA office, mayor’s office, or federal agencies.  Only the people and the communities that are most effected by the heinousness of the department can call for justice and enact it in a way that we see fit.

Finally, with all of these videos being released, West Denver CopWatch wants to know WHERE THE FUCK IS THE VIDEO OF THE MURDER OF MARVIN BOOKER?  Where is the outrage regarding Mr. Booker’s death?  Community member’s, it appears that something is occurring in the air, stay on point and watch yourselves, like we’ve always said, these fucking pigs are running wild.