Pig Infighting, Boss Whitman Losing control over his piglets

The Denver Police Department has dominated the headlines with controversy for the last several months.  Good fucking riddance.  The Denver Post is now reporting that Lt. Daren Ciempa and Sgt. Bryan O’Neill have been reassigned due to them surveilling the commander of Internal Affairs.  The officers have been transferred out of district 6 to posts at DIA and the identification bureau both of which are the dumping ground for the truly stupid, incompetent, and brutal.

Apparently, Whitman and the other top echelons of the SS/DPD viewed the actions of Ciempa and O’Neill as being a case of insubordination.  Regardless, it appears that all is not quiet on the Department’s front and further demonstrates that times are volatile.  With bosses mad at officers and officers mad at bosses, the streets need to be on alert.  Often times the people will feel the brunt of the dissatisfaction and we all know the brutal nature of this department.  Read more for specifics regarding the case here.

Gestapo Chief Whitman