Richard Arreola Was Murdered

Though details remain unclear, the more facts that appear, lead us to believe that Richard was killed in cold blood.  Lets try and break this down point by point.  Mr. Arreola was apparently, under investigation for suspicion of slanging meth to south Aurora middle schoolers.  Now, if this is true, it is clearly a despicable act, however we know the police lie to justify their deadly ways.  Undercover narcs went to Mr. Arreola’s  business, Neviah Wireless, and apparently bought some weed off of him.  Big fucking deal.  They are also claiming that he led them to believe that he could get them meth.  But guess what, when they executed a search warrant at Mr. Arreola’s business the day after he was murdered they seized a pound of weed and no meth.

The police are trying to spin this as an instance in which Mr. Arreola discovered the identity of the narcs and approached them with a gun(s) and were therefore placed in a position in which they had to kill him.  Lets look at this from a rational angle.  If someone is following you that appears  suspicious, one may react.  Furthermore, Mr. Arreola lived in the hood and may have had a gun for protection.  I am assuming this because he did not attempt to conceal them.  Rather, allegedly,  he carried both a pistol and rifle in plain view.  This is not a crime.  In fact, maybe this is a case the NRA should jump on board with.  Here we have a gun totting business owner that is shot to death by the police.  Furthermore, no one is claiming that Mr. Arreola raised up on anyone.  Lets be real here.  Mr Arreola, may not have been an angel, nonetheless, he is allowed to have guns and to be suspicious of some creepy ass people following him.  At worst, he was a drug dealer, however what the Aurora police are trying to do is justifying killing him on this basis.  Even if this is true, which I lean toward doubting, in no way should this be a fucking death sentence.

Our deepest condolences.

Courtesy of Denver post via 9news handout

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  1. I hat cops! That was my uncle!!!

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