Another Denver Man Dead at the Hands of the Jakes

The Denver popo killed another unarmed Denver man yesterday. At around one a.m. on July 28, near the corner of Louisiana and Federal, two po-lice gunned down a man that they claim was “armed” with a toy handgun. The details are still sketchy at best, but apparently someone called the dispatch to report a man with a gun. The po knew what they were looking for and what they would encounter. Po-lice spokesman John White claims that when the po-lice pulled up to the  men, they “repeatedly gave commands” for them to get down. However, according to the Denver Post, an eyewitness named Larry Trujillo, claims that he heard no verbal exchange between the men or officers before the shooting. Trujillo claims to have seen one of the men reach for his waist and pull out what “looked like a real gun.” Well, we all know what happens next, five to seven shots and the unidentified man is dead. I’m not gonna say too much more about this incident because the details just aren’t there, but it sounds like some contradictory bullshit. We’ll keep you up.

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  1. Well how about it? You said you would keep us up. Did u read the follow up article on this story? You owe these officers an apology. Arturo enriques was an evil man. He and his partner had just assaulted a handicapped man in a wheelchair and then pointed what he thought was a real gun at the officers. And you defend Arturo? You people are as evil as he was. Here’s the article

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