Commerce City Man Murdered By Police

Literally, damn near every got damn day I review the local papers something like this comes up.

“Police fired on a car in Commerce City early Thursday morning, killing a man they described as an “escaped felon” and wounding a woman who was with him.” (Denver Post).

I don’t give a fuck if he is a felon.  I don’t give a fuck if he had a warrant.  Now, he’s just another dead man at the hands of the police.  And the woman, what’s her so called fault for getting shot by the police.  Is the officer that fired on her going to face charges?

The Post reports that, “They tracked him to the trailer park based on a vehicle that was associated with the suspect.”  Okay shocking, trailer park, safe to assume poor folk.  You think if some white-collar, thief of the people, who lives in Highlands Ranch and has a warrant would get murdered? Shiiiiiiiieeeet.

Like always West Denver CopWatch will keep you posted

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  1. Just to let you know ,She’s suing the @6$% who shot her ,the suporvisors who trained them,and the County that hired them.
    She is being harrassed daily by the officers that shot her ,officers from the Arvada police dept have also jumped on the harassing band wagon .She’s not safe in any county in Colorado. So please say a prayer to keep her safe from harm ///Colorado law enforcement/////// anyone of us could be the next her.

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