A new law suit has been filed against Denver Police Officer Abbegayle Dorn.  According to reports, Rohit Mukherjee along with his friends were attending a party on April 10, 2010, at an apartment downtown.

The party however was disrupted by Denver Police officers.  Mr. Mukherjee claims that Officer Dorn entered the apartment, pinned his neck against the door, threw him on the ground, dragged him along the floor, and stood on his ankles.  The complaint also claims that officers twisted Mukherjee’s fingers as they questioned him, kneed him in the head and smashed his face into the wall as they walked him out, while taunting him (Denver Post).

Some of the attendees took video and pictures with their phones, however Officer Dorn confiscated the phones and put them in boiling water.  7 people were arrested, however all charges have been dismissed.

A side Note:

Abbegayle Dorn was on American Gladiator back in 2008.  She looks like a steroided out pig.

Interestingly, her best friend and fellow law woman, Vicki Ferrari was also a contestant.  Additionally, Ms. Ferrari is also being sued due to excessive force.  In her bio for the show it states Vicki, “Nicknamed “Pitbull” by the guys at the precinct,  is charming and easygoing with a lightning-quick temper.  She is best friends with contender and police officer Abbe Dorn.” Citation

All jokes aside, the gender of a pig does not matter.  Once you put on the gangs colors of the DPD ones gender, race, and ethnicity is no longer a factor.  Your identity is first and foremost a pig.

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