20 New Police for database

Division Chief Mary Beth Klee

Captain Brian Gallagher

Lt. Magen Dodge

Lt. Steve Wilson

Lt. Stacey Goss

Sgt. James Moneghan

Sgt. Jackie Anderson

Detective William Saulton

Officer Jason Mejia

Officer Walter Baisden III

Officer Todd Parro

Officer Vanessa Porter

Officer R.A. Pine

Officer Michael Dore

Officer James Medina

Officer Phillips

Officer Stephen Laes

Officer Scott Armstrong

Officer Enrique Arellano

Officer Anthony Wilkerson Sr.


19 More PoPo for the Database!!!!!!!!!!

Officer Michael Pineda

Officer Robert Southern

Officer Dan Giles

Sgt. Jeffrey P. Kolts

Officer E. Golladay

Sgt. Al Shell

Commander Tony Lopez

Division Chief David Quinones

Officer Vincent Parnitsupoun

Officer Nathan Beiriger

Officer Ronald Joey Helm

Officer Dan McIntosh

Sgt. Joseph D. Unser

Officer Adam Giggey

Officer Adam Golden

Sgt. Thomas “T.J.” Sherwood

Officer Lex Jorge

Officer Joey A. Gasca

Officer Humberto C. Marquez

And another one for the database

Officer E. Quintana

And Another 4 popo

Sergeant Robert Motyka

Officer Aaron Bloom

Officer Valde

Officer Mike Felsoci

3 More Police for the database sucka

Lieutenant Catherine Davis

Sergeant Troy Zimmerman

Officer Mark Moore

Two More Police for the Database

Lietenant Scott Torpen

Officer Mark Beluscak

4 New Police from District 6

Officer J.T. Tinnin

Officer Vicki Ferrari

Officer Rop Monthathong

Officer Rudy Manzanares