C-Springs Cop Shoots at Handyman

In Colorado Springs on Feb 3, 2010 two officers responded to a burglary report and one of them fired one shot narrowly missing a completely innocent man.  Kevin Rogers with another handyman were helping their friend Pam Riggen fix up her house.  A neighbor called the police because she thought the men were burglars shortly after Riggen had left her home to go to a school meeting.  “Rogers says he was in the woman’s garage getting pliers when an officer ordered him to put up his hands. Rogers says that at almost the same time he put his hands up, the officer fired a shot but missed him.”  

“I think this was maybe a little too much for what happened I think maybe they needed to assess the situation maybe ask what are you guys doing here you know something like that,” Riggen said.  “But she cant stop thinking about what might have happened if her son had been in the garage at the time.”

Thats putting it lightly.  This pig shot at an unarmed man in a garage before he even had time to put his hands up.  Luckily he was a bad shot, otherwise this situation could be even worse.  Regardless of if the pig hit his target or not, this is unacceptable behavior.  There are strict guidelines in the po-lice handbook about using deadly force, not that pigs follow it, but it is obvious that in this situation the use of deadly force was completely out of line.  This so called public servant needs to be removed from his post immediately and never allowed to work for a law enforcement, or even a private security firm ever again!

Washington Post

Colorado Connection

Colorado Connection

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  1. Wonder what the penalty would be for a citizen with a CCW permit who did the same thing? (Of course, most CCW holders actually take the time to learn how to shoot, so the point’s probably moot.)

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