Denver Po-lice Use Family DNA to ID Suspects!

In 2008 the Denver Police Department, led by District Attourney Mitch Morrissey, convicted a young man of allegedly breaking into a car and stealing $1.40 in change; they charged him through matching a drop of blood found at the crime scene with persons in an already established database of convicts. This technique known as “familial DNA searches” essentially convicting persons through ‘guilt by association’, if a person in your family has been charged with some crime, and was added to this database, you could be suspect and even convicted.

According to Erin Murphy, a law professor at the University of California Berkeley, this  ‘familial DNA’ search process “makes absolutely no sense. Other than the misfortune of having a relative that has gotten in trouble, there’s no distinction in their likelihood of having committed a crime.”

AP Press commented that, “U.S. authorities are conducting blind searches of databases for suspects unknown to police.”

This ‘familial DNA’ process is only used in 2 states, Colorado and California; although  it has been banned in Maryland for obvious reasons. This process is clearly destructive, and provides no evidence to support its own allegations. Not only should we be upset that they are conducting these DNA searches to convict relatives of persons who fell under the arm of the law; but also that they are wasting what’s sure to be, a whole lot of tax-payer money on ridiculous searches to convict a poor kid who allegedly stole $1.40 IN CHANGE! Not only is this a misuse of valuable resources, but these pigs are dumping money into a clearly flawed system that public officials, like District Attorney Mitch Morrissey, are backing.

Tell Denver District Attorneys How You Feel:

Mail A Letter To:
Second Judicial District
201 W. Colfax Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80202


Or Just Email:

For More Information Visit:

AP Press Article

DA Mitch Morrissey’s Page

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  1. […] Denver police use family’s DNA to ID suspects. […]

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