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2 police officers at a local Copwatch residence, one refusing to give up his card and simply walking away; the other gathering intel

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  1. So I get that cops should not be violent. . .But in this video the cop is cordial and gives you his card. Looks like one of the good ones to me. . . Right?

    • Corporal Baca knows the answer to his question of why the person filming wanted his card and knows the rules and the laws. All public servants must provide a name and badge number to members of the public when asked so long as the public is not interfering with the cops’ ability to do their job, and in Denver it is departmental rule that they must provide a business card with a badge number on it when asked. They have all had past opportunities to read Training Bulletin reminders, issued to all officers on the force. The person filming asked at the right time, after the police were in anyone’s ability to determine by watching finished with what they were doing so the person was conscious not to interfere with their ability to work, and legally did everything within his rights. The officer had no reason to ask why he wanted the card because he knows he is a public civil servant, and the officer had no reason nor right to make any retaliatory threat of any kind. It is not only police violence that is a problem, and sometimes they have to be violent as they and the public are met with violence, so it is only when they abuse their right to be violent that is the problem, there is also misconduct – and this was most definitely misconduct; that is, stating that he would tell the dispatch the address was the residence of a “CopWatch representative.” There are no ‘representatives’ in copwatch because it is a direct and grassroots group, and the cop was playing semantics and making an indirect threat to the person filming who was not interfering, scrutinizing or doing anything outside his rights. That wasn’t the most serious instances of misconduct but it was misconduct. Police Officers afford a special level of prestige by the institution, they get the bulk of the state and city budgets, and they are uniformed and armed officers who have jurisdictional enforcement rights that include actually killing human beings, hence the firearms. The slightest deviation from professional conduct in their capacity as armed public servants, trusted by the public, is misconduct. They should be respectful and professional and indirect threats to mark a person’s home as an implicit threat just for the person asking for a business card is absolutely unprofessional and the fact that a Corporal did it ought to alarm the public, as that is who Corporal Baca is supposed to serve and protect as it sometimes says on their cruiser doors. A member of the public has the right to a badge number, that is State, Federal and local law, and Corporal Baca knows that. The person filming should file a complaint and somehow make it public that he did so. That would be useful in that police database is a list of complaints if there are any, and the I.M. is mostly useless but they do have records sometimes, albeit vague ones. Great Video, I’m spreading the word about it as much as I can. Thanks for Copwatching.

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