Raise The Fist-Decentralized Mobile Alert System

Raise the Fist has upped the anti, and damn is it beautiful. They got a program online, that anyone is able to join a Copwatch list, and anyone is allowed to text any police activity they see and it goes out to everyone on the Copwatch list in a 7 mile radius instantly.  Now this is a beautiful use of technology; check it out, sign up, and everyone is better equipped to be a Copwatcher.  The streets are watching…


UPDATE!!! Here is the local number for this system:

(303) 647-5097

Aurora PD, “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

On Saturday there was an armed bank robbery at a Wells Fargo.  Aurora PD, although with no actual description of the suspect, got a “reliable tip” that the suspect was in a car at a red light.  So how does the Aurora PD, whom have made our website time and time again for their insane and brutal tactics, respond?  By surrounding all of the 19 cars, and pulling out ever single person in the cars and handcuffing almost all of them, holding them at gunpoint.  They were then “asked” for permission to have their car searched, and once they searched the car, then and only then were the innocent upstanding citizens un-cuffed.

They eventually found the suspect with two guns, $2000, and a mask in his vehicle.  The police chief has apologized for the “inconvenience” to citizens, but supports the officers decision at the scene, and well it should all be ok because they caught him.

The suspect is a former high school music teacher.  Now the police are framing it as they were protecting the public from a dangerous criminal.  Yes a dangerous evil former high school music teacher that although no one knows the details, must have been forced into some pretty hard times to go to these lengths, for $2000.  Now many of us as well as our readers have dealt with Wells Fargo and their predatory practices, charging interest at rates that would cause Jesus to come in wreck their banking “temple”.  $2000 (of insured money) is certainly a drop in the bucket for Wells Fargo.  Yet the Aurora PD are so concerned about the safety and well being of the good citizens of Aurora, that they denied them of the civil rights, treating every single person at that stop light as a criminal, holding guns to their heads, to find a suspect.  Once someone is handcuffed with a gun to their head, there really is not a choice about searching their car.  This is clearly crazy misconduct and abuse by the Aurora PD, denying citizens of their basic human, as well as civil rights.

Although the full details are not known, what would have happened if this suspect had been more “dangerous”, what happens if he took hostages or a gun battle had taken place?  How many innocent citizens in handcuffs would have been shot, “accidentally” or “justified” by the Aurora PD or “dangerous suspect”.  All of this over $2000.

This whole case is an obvious breech of their duty to “serve and protect”, as well as flagrant rights violations.  We don’t need to hear any more unmitigated horseshit coming out the Chief Daniel J. Oates mouth, this fucker should be fired and prosecuted!

ABC News CBS News Greeley Gazette Examiner

Legalize It: Chi-Town Eavesdropping Act Ruled Unconstitutional

A Victory for Copwatch

In a 12-page decision, Criminal Courts Judge Stanley Sacks ruled that the law [which essential made the videotaping of police (Copwatching) illegal] is too broad and potentially criminalizes ‘wholly innocent conduct.’ He cited as an example a parent recording her child’s soccer game and inadvertently capturing a conversation between two bystanders. ‘Although it is extremely unlikely that this doting parent would be charged with a felony offense, the fact remains that she could, thusly punishing innocent conduct,’ Sacks wrote.”

This ruling comes just weeks before thousands are expected to descend into Chi-town to protest the G8 & NATO meetings in May. Such a large mobilization of protesters (like those expected in Chicago), is routinely met by even larger occupying po-lice forces, shipped in from pig units around the country, armed with new, hi-tech gear, and itching to use it.

It is no surprise then that these large mobilizations and mass protests are often (if not always) met with rampant police misconduct, abuse, harassment, and violence. Therefore, it is almost essential that these persons are able to demonstrate their own rights – like the right of freedom of speech cited by Judge Stanley Sacks – in videotaping this rampant police misconduct and abuse, to at the very least document these atrocities without being further accosted by the pigs.

Although there is still little clarity on the Eavesdropping Law, as there are a multitude of cases, appeals, and further amendments to the current law still being examined.

Originally, the Illinois Eavesdropping Act made it a felony to record police interactions, carrying a sentence of up to 15 years in prison. Several cases since then have played out, and are continuing to play out in court, of which the decisions could have an enormous impact on the Eavesdropping Act. West Denver Copwatch has attempted to continually update our readers on those cases, but here’s an overview in case you missed it:

  • In August, a woman was acquitted of eavesdropping charges, after she testified that she only recorded the pigs because they were trying to ‘convince’ her not to file sexual harassment charges.
  • In September, Crawford County deemed the law unconstitutional, in a case in which a man was accused of recording a police interaction without permission. This case is being appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court.
  • Finally, we are still waiting for a ruling from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on a lawsuit filed by the ACLU, arguing that the law violates First Amendment rights.

Furthermore, Representative Elaine Nekritz (D) is attempting to pass a bill that would make it legal to video tape pigs in public and on duty.

Even dumb-fucking Supt. Garry McCarthy says he doesn’t object to the law, because he encourages persons to film his little piglets, especially at summits like the G8/NATO, as it shows how the dumb-fuck piggies really treat the protesters! Hahahaha, ya that’s a great idea – have you not heard of the payouts pigs hand to protesters for abuse? Want to pay us millions and encourage copwatching, fine by me! Oh ya and go ahead and take a look at Miami – FTAA Settlement.

Of course the Fraternal Order of Pigs (KKK) is against repealing the act as it “would have a chilling effect on witnesses’ coming forward to aid police and could create situations in which victims of crime are re-victimized by viral videos of their suffering.”

Please mother fuckers, you’re rarely there to stop a crime, and people aren’t video taping a ‘crime’, they’re video taping you mother fuckers. You’re the ones with cameras EVERYWHERE (<- Click here to view a map of all pig cameras in Chi-Town [for those of you going a little later this month!]) to catch these victims, and then you give it to the evening news. You stupid mother fuckers, what a dumb excuse, just admit you wanna beat people without reprisal, without a video camera taping your constant abuse and harassment; and what’s a better platform to harass, abuse, and beat folk than the G8/NATO Summits. TRY IT MOTHER FUCKERS – SEE YOU IN CHICAGO…


Chicago Tribune





Copwatch brings the Goldhamer, NOT GUILTY

On April 23, 2012 in the Denver Municipal Court, the Honorable Raymond Satter presiding, a jury of six of Devin’s peers found him not guilty of a park curfew violation, finally vindicating Devin’s actions from seven months earlier.

Devin had been conducting CopWatch activities downtown in September with video camera in hand.  After he saw hundreds of people on bikes–the Denver Cruisers–in Civic Center Park, numerous cops descended on the area, riding their motorcycles dangerously through the crowd gathered in the amphitheater.  Devin courageously ventured into the park to record police activities.

His videotape captured police tolerating widespread drinking in the park as well as DUIs on bikes.  Devin was present in the park for two minutes before he was approached by police.  Instantly upon seeing Devin with his camera, “CopWatch” hat and “CopWatch” shirt, Sergeant Jeff Hausner demanded Devin’s ID for the citation and informed him his camera would be confiscated.  While literally hundreds of people milled around in the park without being cited for anything, Sgt Hausner chose Devin to be cited for the park curfew violation.  Others had received warnings to leave, but not Devin.

Judge Satter declined to dismiss the case based on selective enforcement and chilling of a First Amendment journalistic right, despite seeing Devin’s recovered videotape.  Nevertheless, at trial Judge Satter wisely refused to consider the violation a strict liability crime—despite the City Attorney’s half-baked argument to the contrary—and instead gave the jury a “knowingly” mens rea instruction.  At voir dire, the jury panel expressed that a park curfew violation was a “silly” crime.  The evidence demonstrated that no signs declared the park’s curfew at the park’s entrance, no officers warned Devin to leave, and that Devin did not “knowingly” violate the law.

Devin testified eloquently about CopWatch’s mission and withstood cross-examination.  After watching Devin’s video, which rounded out the context of the events that evening, the jury deliberated for merely ten minutes before rendering their verdict.  The jury rejected the City Attorney’s argument and Sgt Hausner’s testimony, which included inconsistencies as compared to his testimony at an earlier hearing.

Devin was represented by Aaron Goldhamer of the firm Jones & Keller.  Following trial, Mr. Goldhamer called the verdict “a clear message that the People of Denver will not tolerate the criminalization of seemingly innocent conduct.”  Mr. Goldhamer further opined that   Judge Satter’s jury instruction was consistent with United States Supreme Court precedent in Morissette v. U.S. and Staples v. U.S., and that the jury clearly appreciated the police accountability services that CopWatch provides.  “My thanks to Joel Cantrick and the National Lawyer’s Guild for their assistance on this case, but most of all to Devin for having the courage to hold law enforcement accountable for their actions and standing up for himself when he was victimized,” Goldhamer said.

Thank you all for all the support and the good people of Denver, especially the wonderful jury!

WDCW Goes To Court 4/23

On April 23, 2012 in the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse (520 West Colfax Ave), Courtroom 3G at 8:15 am a member of West Denver Copwatch will be in court fighting a park curfew ticket that was issued while the individual was Copwatching. Details of the unfortunate encounter of the po-lice kind are below but the general facts are this: A Copwatcher was ticketed while copwatching, BECAUSE he was Copwatching; while hundreds of other people were violating park curfew, drinking laws, as well as operating their bicycles while intoxicated, he was specifically targeted for asserting his constitutional rights.  Now we here at WDCW keep up with the laws the best we can, however we don’t know all of them, and lets be honest, curfew for adults? I mean the curfew for youth is ridiculous enough, but well known.  But a 26 year old can get ticketed for being in a public space after 11 pm? Come on…  We ask that anyone who can come out and show their support for WDCW in this ridiculous case that the state refuses to dismiss.

On the evening of 9/28/11 two members of West Denver Copwatch were ticketed for “Park Curfew”.  These individuals were copwatching downtown when they observed multiple motorcycle cops driving quickly and recklessly on sidewalks through Civic Center park.  As we Copwatchers tend to do, we went over to see what the commotion was about.  It was a place where the Denver Cruisers, a few hundred of them, were riding their bikes around and many present were drinking.  As Copwatch knows how DPD tends to react, people kept the camera rolling to record any misconduct or brutality on the part of the po-lice.  There were many officers around telling people they needed to clear out, but no one was being ticketed.   There were also motorcycle cops driving dangerously around what Crusiers call “the circle of death”.  The Copwatcher whom was videotaping what was happening was all the sudden approached by Sergeant Hausner, who had been talking to two young men with beers in their hands .  The Sergent informed the Copwatcher that the time was 11:25 PM and said Copwatcher would be receiving a ticket for violating curfew and that his video camera would be confiscated.  The Copwatcher of course stated that it was his right to be there observing the actions of the police and that he would not be giving up their camera for there is no reason to do so.   This Copwatcher also pointed out the fact that he was only being ticketed because he was Copwatching.  As a result of this point, the Sergent started ordering the other officers to ticket a few of the many other people in the area, something that most of the officers seemed to do begrudgingly.  This was obviously ticketing that was specifically targeting Copwatch for videotaping the police, while allowing countless BWIs to ride by.  The Sergent continued to say that the camera would be confiscated as “evidence”…yeah “evidence” for an alleged municipal violation.  While the Copwatcher refused, the Sergent repeatedly threatened charges of obstruction as well as interference.  Eventually the Copwatcher refused the camera but relinquished control of the tape.  Something they wish had gone down differently.  Another officer was videotaping each of the Copwatchers extremely close to their faces and all the way around, something we suspect was a facial recognition program.  West Denver Copwatch will continue to do what we have been doing the past few years, we will not be deterred or intimidated by the po-lice.  We will continue to stand up and fight for our rights, as well as teaching others.  When you cease to assert your rights, they cease to exist.

We hope to see you on April 23, 2012 in the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse (520 West Colfax Ave), Courtroom 3G at 8:15 am and we thank you for all your support.

‘The King’ – Culture Thief, Cop-Lover: An Article in Support of Walgreens

Elvis Presley, well known as simply as “The King”, is also notoriously made his musical name through the theft of Black music; becoming wildly rich and famous, through whitewashing and popularizing a music genre that, at the time, was deemed evil simply because it was a part of Black culture. Now “The King” is wildly held as one of the ‘greatest of all time’, an icon for America, and to some white, Elvis-loving, historical revisionists – an ally to the African-American community.

But, in Denver there stands physical evidence of the opposite, a gym built in a slain pig’s name, funded by the ‘King’ himself.

Nading-Presley Memorial Gym, was once housed at 3555 Colorado Blvd., inside the former District 2 station, where the building still stands. It was named after the slain cop – Officer Merle Nading, who was shot while on duty on East Colfax, the ‘wickedest street in America’. Now, not much information can be found about Officer Nading, but it could probably be assumed, that a white, crew-cut having, pig in the 60’s and 70’s, was not an ally of the Black or Chicano community (see picture: “Now tell me this guy’s not a member of the KKK”.

Presley the ‘Pig-Lover’ was already close friends with the then Denver Police Captain, Jerry Kennedy, AKA ‘the Mini-Narc’, who Presley once had on his private security team. This friendship, and Presley’s deep-seated love for racist pigs, also led him to buy “Jerry a Lincoln and some of the other officers received Cadillacs” (Westword).

“One of Elvis’ great loves was law enforcement. He was in town visiting and heard Merle was killed. He was visibly shaken hearing a police officer had been killed,” Kennedy said (Denver Post)

“Presley the ‘Pig-Lover’ was so extremely troubled by the death of one white pigs death in Denver, that he gave the Denver Police Department $5,000 in 1971, with which the DPD decided to continue the construction of the old gym in the former District 2 station, where one sole plaque of these white memories still stands – prime squatting real estate (Denver Post).

The DPD abandoned the building several years ago, and now Walgreens wants to tear it down! Although it would be nice to see the building have the plaque torn down and become a youth gym, I’ll settle for the total destruction of it – unless someone decides to ‘Occupy the Pigs'(? sounds kinda intriguing). So, although I may not stand by Walgreens in any way, or by their bullshit practices, or them tearing down buildings in dope communities, displacing families for their own capitalistic gains; I do stand by their decision to buy the building and tear that shit apart. Thank you Walgreens, this is your one minute of (A)narchist fame before you too are torn down…


Read more:Old Denver police gym, built by donation from Elvis Presley, may be razed to make way for Walgreens – The Denver Posthttp://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_20337399/old-denver-police-gym-built-by-donation-from#ixzz1recyE7PV
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Westword Article: Walgreens claims another Denver landmark

Sullivan You Fucking Piece of Shit: Another Pig Gets Off Easy

Yesterday, National Sheriff’s Association’s 2001 Sheriff of the Year Patrick Sullivan pleaded guilty to charges of felony possession of methamphetamine, and a misdemeanor soliciting prostitution. 69 year old Sullivan will serve 30 days in the jail named after him, and pay a fine of $1,100.

This decision comes less than a month after Timothy Faase, the man who dealt Sullivan the meth, plead guilty and received 3 years in prison, for possession and intent to distribute. Faase’s sentence is closer to the traditional sentencing for charges of this nature, although it’s about 12 times more than ex-pig but still a pig Sullivan’s sentence of just 30 days.

Now on to our mother fucking opinion (this is blog after all) –

Firstly, Faase pretty much had the same drug charges against him that Sullivan did – in fact, both were charged with possession of methamphetamine, but as Faase was charged with ‘intent to distribute’, while Sullivan was originally charged with distribution (since he did after-all distribute meth, while soliciting prostitution). On top of that, Sullivan also was being charged with soliciting prostitution, a misdemeanor. So, while Faase got 3 years for having and selling meth, Sullivan got 30-days for having meth, and ‘trading’ it for sex, or more exactly: for exploiting drug users for their addiction. Furthermore, Faase was only arrested because during the ‘sting’ operation on Sullivan, they followed the dumb-fucking pig to Faase’s (his dealer) house. So even the allocation of resources to these individuals’ investigations aren’t comparable to their cases or sentences. So what’s the difference between the two cases? Why was Sullivan, although charged with even more heinous crimes, let off with only 30 days jail-time? Oh ya, because he’s a fucking pig, and yet again we learn that pigs are above the law. They can murder people day-in and day-out without ANY repercussions, they can rape, steal, beat, harass, and arrest us, but when we want them arrested and charged with crimes that they’re guilty of committing what is the response? Oh ya: Rape=No Time; Murder=No Time; Buying Meth and Exploiting Addicts for Sex=30 Days…

Even more ridiculous, is the fact that this piece of shit was the “Head of Security for Cherry Creek Public Schools” for 6 years! And when asked whether he ever “had sex with a minor” AKA ‘raped a child’, he said that “he could not tell them yes or no because he was under the influence of meth during those encounters”, or in plain terms ‘he didn’t remember cuz he was fucked up on meth’… Colorado Deputy Attorney General Michael Dougherty testified that “he may very well have had sex with underage individuals” (Denver Post). Ummm he may very well have?! Did you fucking investigate it? How about ask the kids from Cherry Creek Public Schools?! On top of that, the pigs who arrested the heinous pig, found ‘suspicious’ nude images of persons who might be minors on Sullivan’s computer, but with no evidence to back it.

Lastly, in order to keep this shorter than my usual rants, I’d like to also highlight the fact noted by the Denver Post that:

“The felony meth charge carried a presumptive sentence of a year in jail and, with aggravating factors, could have meant as much as three years behind bars. But it was ultimately left up to the discretion of the judge.”

So really, this goes to my first point, that Sullivan should have really gotten at least 1-year, if not 3 – but got 3 months in jail. I wish sooo bad that your piece-of-shit pig ass was headed to PRISON for a year, hell even just 3 months… Now WDC does not, in any way,

support prisons in any way, in fact just the opposite. But I could only hope that Sullivan himself would face the life of a 69-year old ex-sheriff locked-up… Having to actually sit with persons who are more sick and fed up with these fucking pigs than anyone, with no control, no gun on his hip? I guess this is just wishful thinking… Anyways, at least he’ll be in jail for 30 days, that’s more than I can say for a lot of pig fucking murderers… It’s better than nothing!


Read more:Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan pleads guilty in meth-for-sex case – The Denver Posthttp://www.denverpost.com/recommended/ci_20320732#ixzz1r638VOIw
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Denver Post Faase Article: