‘The King’ – Culture Thief, Cop-Lover: An Article in Support of Walgreens

Elvis Presley, well known as simply as “The King”, is also notoriously made his musical name through the theft of Black music; becoming wildly rich and famous, through whitewashing and popularizing a music genre that, at the time, was deemed evil simply because it was a part of Black culture. Now “The King” is wildly held as one of the ‘greatest of all time’, an icon for America, and to some white, Elvis-loving, historical revisionists – an ally to the African-American community.

But, in Denver there stands physical evidence of the opposite, a gym built in a slain pig’s name, funded by the ‘King’ himself.

Nading-Presley Memorial Gym, was once housed at 3555 Colorado Blvd., inside the former District 2 station, where the building still stands. It was named after the slain cop – Officer Merle Nading, who was shot while on duty on East Colfax, the ‘wickedest street in America’. Now, not much information can be found about Officer Nading, but it could probably be assumed, that a white, crew-cut having, pig in the 60’s and 70’s, was not an ally of the Black or Chicano community (see picture: “Now tell me this guy’s not a member of the KKK”.

Presley the ‘Pig-Lover’ was already close friends with the then Denver Police Captain, Jerry Kennedy, AKA ‘the Mini-Narc’, who Presley once had on his private security team. This friendship, and Presley’s deep-seated love for racist pigs, also led him to buy “Jerry a Lincoln and some of the other officers received Cadillacs” (Westword).

“One of Elvis’ great loves was law enforcement. He was in town visiting and heard Merle was killed. He was visibly shaken hearing a police officer had been killed,” Kennedy said (Denver Post)

“Presley the ‘Pig-Lover’ was so extremely troubled by the death of one white pigs death in Denver, that he gave the Denver Police Department $5,000 in 1971, with which the DPD decided to continue the construction of the old gym in the former District 2 station, where one sole plaque of these white memories still stands – prime squatting real estate (Denver Post).

The DPD abandoned the building several years ago, and now Walgreens wants to tear it down! Although it would be nice to see the building have the plaque torn down and become a youth gym, I’ll settle for the total destruction of it – unless someone decides to ‘Occupy the Pigs'(? sounds kinda intriguing). So, although I may not stand by Walgreens in any way, or by their bullshit practices, or them tearing down buildings in dope communities, displacing families for their own capitalistic gains; I do stand by their decision to buy the building and tear that shit apart. Thank you Walgreens, this is your one minute of (A)narchist fame before you too are torn down…


Read more:Old Denver police gym, built by donation from Elvis Presley, may be razed to make way for Walgreens – The Denver Posthttp://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_20337399/old-denver-police-gym-built-by-donation-from#ixzz1recyE7PV
Read The Denver Post’s Terms of Use of its content: http://www.denverpost.com/termsofuse

Westword Article: Walgreens claims another Denver landmark

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