DPD Lies for $, Politics as Usual

DISCLAIMER: Let’s get one thing straight right away – West Denver Copwatch in NO WAY backs ANY politician EVER, especially Renfroe’s racist, teabagging, fucking bigot – just keep that in mind. Now, on to the article!

Over a month ago, State Senator Scott Renfroe – representing most of Weld County, including Greeley and Evans – introduced Senate Bill 50 to the Colorado legislature. Senate Bill 50 was designed to ban ALL ‘red-light cameras at intersections, as well as the use of photos for issuing tickets’ (Westword). Basically, if you’ve ever seen a bright, distracting flash while driving down the road, then got a ticket with a picture of you flipping off a camera in the mail a month later, it was from one of these red-light cameras/photo ticketing systems.

Renfroe argued that these camera-ticketing systems were “more about generating revenue than enhancing safety”; while on the other hand, doubters (mostly pigs and politicians wanting more money for gear to “beat the crowds” and line their pockets respectively [irrespectively]) argued that these ticket-generating systems were strictly for safety reasons: specifically stating that they brought down the number of accidents at red lights (Westword). Renfroe insisted however that there were other, more efficient ways to prevent red-light accidents, tactics that were actually study-driven; he sited one study from Texas in which “accidents at given intersections were halved simply by keeping the yellow light on for one second longer” (Westword).

Unfortunately, but not shockingly, “numerous law-enforcement representatives testified against Renfroe’s bill”; Renfroe himself stated that he thought “the committee liked what the police officers had to say about the cameras — and they didn’t really listen to the other studies or to the citizens” – which is an everyday reality for persons who are NOT State Senators; in fact pigs usually get the benefit of the doubt in all systems of government, most visibly the courts (Westword). 

Refroe also stated that he had concerns about ‘Big-Brother’, and their eyes in the sky: “Obviously, there are concerns about Big Brother and government. There’s the question of ‘Are we going too far with this and encroaching on people’s privacy and the right to address your accuser?’ It’s kind of crazy when you look at the system and what we have in place: They send you a ticket in the mail and people pay it without questioning it when you don’t really have to pay it. If it doesn’t go on your record and doesn’t go on your insurance — if it doesn’t do any of these things — then why are we collecting money on it?” (Westword) Although you don’t see Renfroe trying to tear down the HALO Cameras, or fighting against any other of the numerous examples of ‘Big-Brother’ invading OUR privacy.

For the last few months, local Colorado media outlets have been hyping this story, particularly the notion that these red-light cameras prevent accidents, and aren’t just designed to make quick money for the state/pork-lice. In fact one video in particular from Fox 31, interviewed Detective Pig John White explicitly repeats that these cameras are ‘for our safety’, while repeatedly replaying horrific accidents from persons running red lights, even though these cameras didn’t prevent these accidents from happening (see 9 News Video HERE). Cameras clearly aren’t preventative, as they only take pictures after someone has run the red light, and do only that – take pictures – not physically preventing an accident. As for the argument that persons will stop when they see the camera, I would say that if someone doesn’t stop when they see the red light that’s right below the camera and 50 times larger, they probably won’t see/care about the camera.

Now, the day after the bill was rejected, after a near, Colorado media-frenzy, arguing the fact that these cameras were not just to generate revenue, they were ‘for your protection’, 9 News is reporting that they were given a false statistic by the DPD, directly related to the amount of revenue the cameras generated (9 News). In fact, in the midst of a political battle over the actual basis for these red-light cameras, with the DPD explicitly claiming that they are NOT to simply generate revenue; they were at the same time, lying to the media about just how much money the red-light camera system was making! This was not a simple accounting error, or a few dollars here-and-there that went unaccounted-for, they mis-led the public and politicians who might have seen this constant media attention, by around $1 million (9 News). In a recent statement given by Pig spokesman Sonny Jackson, he stated that instead of giving the media the full, yearly revenue figure of $1.2 million, the dumb fucking pig gave them about one month’s worth at about $279,000; 9 News is also reporting that according to their research later (which led to them questioning these wrong figures), these red-light cameras generate about $2 million per year in total revenue (9 News).

Jackson: “Truly, I have no intention to mislead Channel 9 or the public and I think that’s where we really have been concerned, because we want the public to have the clearest picture of what revenue is being generated, how the program is working because the program is going to exist for a while. We need to be as transparent as we can about how it exists.”

BULLSHIT – they fucking gave the wrong numbers to they could back a bullshit argument, or more importantly, deflate the argument against them. Once again they’re just straight lying to the public, and when they get caught they want to turn around and say that they want to be ‘more transparent’, and instill faith and trust in the public. FUCK YOU DPD, YOU PIECE OF SHIT LIARS! A program to ensure  ‘our safety’ and not make money, but earns $2 million per year for the fucking police department?! That’s doubly against OUR safety… I call bullshit DPD – FUCK YOU!


Westword Article:


9 News


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