Actual Charges Against Amelia Nichol

Courtesy of Denver Anarchist Black Cross

According to the formal charging document in Amelia Nicol’s case, these are the current charges against her:

-Two counts of attempted murder (Felony 2)

-Use of explosives (Felony 2)

-Possession of explosives (Felony 4)

– Second-degree arson (Felony 4)

– Criminal mischief (Felony 4)

– Inciting a riot (Felony 5)

– Two counts of attempted third degree assault (Misdemeanor 2)

– Resisting arrest (Misdemeanor 2)

This is such fucking bull shit.   A fucking fire cracker, that’s right, we are talking about  some black cats, sparklers, child play shit.  These do not translate into a fucking molotov.  And what is the fucking proof that Amelia did any damn thing.  I’ll tell you what, for being the most violent gang in Denver, the DPD are a bunch of dirty lil’ cowards.  Claiming attempted murder over a fucking alleged black cat.  Shieeeeeeeeeeet.

For clarification:

This is what it looks like when cops are hit with molotovs. Greece I would Assume

This is what a sparkler looks like



  2. She through a molotov at police car, it caught the hood on fire… good job gettin the whole story…. if it was strictly black cats imagine all the charges that can be handed out this year on the 4th, 25% of people under 23 would have attempted murder charges. I am in no way saying she deserved the charges she received but when only part of the story is told it makes it seem more “one” sided then it is.

    • Steve, I was there… there was no molotov. Were you there? Or did you just watch the news report? You’re a fucking idiot.

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