Denver Deputy Sheriff Anne Kelly Charged with Assualt

The Denver Post is reporting that Denver Deputy Sheriff Anne Kelly has been issued with a summons charging her with 3rd degree assault.  Apparently, she slapped an “uncooperative DUI arrestee at the County Jail.”

I am not anti  deputy Kelly being arrested for slapping an inmate, but I am shocked.  How is that 5 deputies from the same agency murdered Marvin Booker, yet none of them were even terminiated, let alone crimminally charged.  WTF.



  2. Once again Denver’s Finest acting out again. Something must be done about these bad cops! Don’t be shocked people, there are cameras that are put in place to protect the citizen as well. Let the truth be known what really goes on inside a Denver jail. Thank goodness for cameras!

  3. The truth will come out eventually. Anne Kelly was fired for a reason. She is NOT innocent.

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