City to Pay 136k, More Pig Infighting, and O22

The city of Denver is getting ready to pay $136,000 to a woman who suffered traumatic brain injury following being rammed by a squad car.  This pay out is in the midst of Denver city already dishing out over 1.5 million dollars since 2008 cite.

Furthermore, there has been speculation over the last week that the rank and file of the DPD is taking part in an organized work slow down.  Now, this is all speculation, however for us it is glorious.  On the one hand you have major pig infighting and on the other you have a less active department, meaning hopefully a decline in abuses. That aside, folks still need to be on the weary side of things.  All too often it is the people that suffer the most when there is tension within police departments.

Finally, following October 22, the International Day Against Police Brutality, there is a sense of urgency and momentum in the air.  After a weekend of actions that saw a march with a breath of fresh air on Friday and copwatching in every district on Saturday it is important to stay up on these issues.  We must be diligent, cautious, and courageous.

Big up to Queen City Antifa, West Denver Copwatch, Comite Defensa Del Pueblo, Aurora Copwatch, and all of the folks that took part in any or all of the weekends festivities.  Keeping it real.

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  1. Of course this pig’s name was not released. Of course nothing will happen to him in the department. If he had a real job and caused this damage, his fat ass would be shit canned.

    Maybe you guys can find out the loser’s name.

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